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  • Hello Sir Sternas thanks for v15.5, its very fast and stable but the only problem i have (minor problem realy) is the my location weather ,it updates via wifi but vary rarely with 3g/hsdpa ,this happens or rather does'nt happen with most roms not just yours, including htc roms and tmobile uk roms , i'v left it on london rather than letting it determining where i am exactly, any way i just wanted to know your thoughts on the subject.
    thanks again for all your hard work.:D
    Hello Sir Sternas. I have a question. I post it in your thread but there are so much posts that you couldn´t the that. Is it possible to hide or delete the clock from Taskbar?

    ROM: Artemis V15.5 GER

    Thank you
    which customization should i check?

    after your ROM, i installed:
    Touch X remove to curtain;
    Dena Carbon Clock V.2;
    Cookie, Home Tab;
    Touch X Homescreen Flip clock OFF;
    Agamennon HD2 LockSlider;
    Colored Setting tab 0007;
    Chainfire HD2 3D Driver Patch;

    every think worked fine. then i installed:
    DINIK - Anastasia - Taskbar v1.0

    and then i lost the volume control with the two slider in the same screen
    Hi sternas! are you going to make a spanish rom for tmobiles hd2?? everybody is looking for it! regards
    Just wanted to thank you for your efforts. I flashed my Leo as soon as I got it and got rid of SFR awfull ROM. My PPC is now simply awe-some.
    Δοκίμασα τη νέα Artemis v11 και διαπίστωσα στο δικό μου τηλέφωνο τα εξής προβλήματα.

    1)Όταν έστελνα μήνυμα στα ελληνικά (μικρά) σε άλλο κινητό, ο παραλήπτης έβλεπε ερωτηματικά. (Ενώ στις άλλες versions της Άρτεμης δεν υπήρχε τέτοιο πρόβλημα)
    2)Στην Opera ήτανε μόνιμη η επιλογή της αρχικής σελίδας της hTC. (Έχω χρησιμοποίησει και το Fix opera flash)
    3) Thumbnails δεν υπήρχανε
    4) Κατανάλωση μπαταρίας όχι τόσο καλή.

    Σημ. έκανα και format στο κινητό πριν περάσω τη νέα Rom.

    Χρησιμοποιώ το Radio 2.10 και τώρα χρησιμοποιώ την Artemis v7. (Πολύ καλή).

    Δεν ξέρω εάν θα μπορούσα να κάνω συστάσεις για μια νέα έκδοση rom, αλλά μήπως θα ήτανε σωστό εφαρμογές όπως το tweeter να καταργηθούν ή να δίνετε στον χρήστη να τις περάσει Manual (Οπως το world card mobile, bing, facebook, χρηματιστήριο κ.α.) ;.

    Φίλε Sternas συγχαρητήρια για την δουλειά σου
    Did you try task 29 before Flash ?
    Your HSPL ver?
    Your radio ver?
    please post these to the thread
    bonjour sir Sternas!merci beaucoup pour vos ROM cuisinés que d adore tellement je suis champion pour tester vos ROM.mais,le tout dernier la V11 family bug trop sur mon HD2 il refuse mes aplications que j ai toujours installé sur vos precedentes ROM je ne comprends pas pour quoi cela ne fonctionne pas avec la V11.l appareil photo bug,le repertoire aussi.a chaque fois mon telephone s eteint tout seul, efface toutes mes données et redemarre comme si j avais fait le hare reset.j ai pas eu de probleme avant sur tes ne m y connais pas trop en informatique et espere m aider a resoudre ce probleme.encore merci beaucoup pour le travail que vous fetes.
    Any idea when higher versions of adobe's flash can be integrated in your rom/opera to play flash 10.x - content?
    Thank you very much for v10.0. It's simply awesome!
    As soon as i got some spare money, consider yourself paypaled ;)
    Sir Sternas I must admit I am highly impressed by your work in Rom development.
    Thank you for the great Roms.
    Sternas. Sorry to bother you but I posted in forums a few days ago and nothing has really come of it, so pleading here instead haha. I have 2 main issues, the phone will not rotate to landscape and I have followed the advice you gave another of setting it in Artemis centre, reset and then 'G' calibration but to no avail. Secondly the phone often freezes with the screen becoming unresponsive but hardbuttons still operating. Lastly one minor issue. I can no longer access keyboard options (ie QWERTY/Phone input) to change by pressing and holding keyboard symbol and there's no arrow next to it.

    Any help would be much appreciated as I'd hate to have to go back to stock as I had issues there.
    I tested almost all roms over therer, all from good chefs..
    And I could say that you are the best chef for hd2 and your roms are awesome so far!!!!!!!
    Thanks for the good/hard work!!
    I suport your work dude!!
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