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  • Hey man quick question for you. I am looking into cooking your ROM for me. I would like to add russian language package to your ROM for Windows 6.5.3. I have downloaded and Ervius Visual Kitchen. On a scale of 1-10 how hard would it be to russify your version?

    Note: This is just for me; I am not going to release this ROM.
    Hello Steve,

    111 downloads in one day and also 100 more for the other cabs is a good result...The new kind of presentation was more successful....what´s a little disapponiting is, that no comments are coming. So the thread is on side 5 or six after one day. I think, the most users are to lazy. If I integrate some bugs, there would be much more feedback :)
    Hello steve congratulations for ur rom i love it but i cant send mms could you tell me why ??? do i have to do something ??
    Good day Steve, first many thanks for your and Miri nice elegance ROMs. It's really excellent. Just one problem found. I can not use landscape mode with your cab installed. After installation found that landscape not working as before in photo and music tabs. Everything went back after removing. Nothing really happened after reset too. If you have any ideas please let me know. Thanks in advance+best wishes.
    Manila version 2.5.20121412.1
    Hi Steve
    Col L. A. Hutcheson
    aka Automan
    Have your created some Taskbars for the Fuse, because everytime I install one of these, I get a re boot with a white bar at the bottom and Sense 2.5 takes longer to load. I have to use a theme and wait for it to load to cover up the White bottom bar.
    I am using Energy Rom's 5449 latest build from NRGZ28. You have a great Taskbar that doesn't show up out in the field...Special Forces commander..
    Col L. A. Hutcheson
    [email protected]
    aka Automan
    Hi, i tried installing the Elegance III on my HD2, Manila version 2.5.19211619.0, but doesnt seem to work? can u help? im still new to HD2. Rom version is 1.66.707.1 WWE. i want that theme, is that possible ? help me! thanks!
    hi . just installed 5 * 4 . cab and got semi black screen on home tab. I want to completely uninstall and start again. please can you tell me how to do this .. thanks
    helo tried to use your prepared kitchen following the instructions for the ervius kitchen, first time cooking on leo , done it already on trinity and hd , ( my own rom ) but i didn't get what is wrong i didnot have a bootable rom ( even though i tried to cook it without anymodification like stock ) could you tell me please if you get the same result , thank you again for your hard work ,
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