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    Post B&H Unlocked V30 US998 on Sprint

    any possibility of making US998 work on sprint? So far, I have not seen anyone on these threads claiming to have activated on Sprint with a US998. I am a Sprint customer looking for a new high end phone with unlocked bootloader and have been following the progress of the v30 for several...
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    Post [ROM][MOAR] v7.1 Lollipop Killer / Ultimate Control / Be a Boss [02.08.2017]

    Using Sprint Open World in Canada with MOAR I recently became aware of the option to add Sprint Open World to my Sprint Plan. I think it was introduced earlier this year. I have a US plan but will be traveling to Canada and that is one of the many countries included in the plan. This free...
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    Post [KERNEL][WIP] Underworld Sense Kernel v0.8 [Jul 16 2012][GINGERBREAD][SENSE]

    I just tried running vipermod script without entering "su" in terminal first. It seems to work and it let's me change voltage but I wouldn't expect it to stick without giving terminal superuser command first. Edit: I was able to change voltage with option 2 but unable to save changes (option...
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    Post [KERNEL][WIP] Underworld Sense Kernel v0.8 [Jul 16 2012][GINGERBREAD][SENSE]

    Nice one! How do you find this stuff? I was in the same boat. Getting lots of lag with .2, Smurf and vipermod. Checked busybox and sure enough it's at 1.16. But after I updated it and tried to reboot it hung on white screen. Are you using Stericson busybox, Jrummy16 busybox installer or...
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    Post [6/16]*techknowfile's* - Hack the HTC EVO - 3G w/o Sprint EVDO coverage!

    Yes, this just happened to me with my phone and GF's phone. We use the hack on the weekends when we are out of town in an area that generally has good Verizon coverage and poor Sprint coverage. We have used the hack successfully many times. This weekend it was totally hosed. We got a similar...
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    Post [Q] Sense Camera App with Panorama and HDR?

    Hit you with a thanks for this. It works for me on Evo4g HW 003 running Virus Synergy-Kingdom 8-25. I pulled the HTCCamera.apk out of the zip file, pushed it to system/app and it seems to work fine. No reboot, nothin. Thanks!
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    Post ☆ ★ | ROM | InfectedROM Eternity™ | NIGHTLYS | Sense 3.5 | XE BEATS AUDIO | ★ ☆

    Very helpful answer. I will look into m10 tools. Thanks. Sent from my rooted Eco 4G
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    Post ☆ ★ | ROM | InfectedROM Eternity™ | NIGHTLYS | Sense 3.5 | XE BEATS AUDIO | ★ ☆

    Help theming apps I've been able to make simple modifications to apps by editing or swapping out .png's in the "drawable-hdpi" folder inside the xx.apk files. Syn-King 8-25 seems to be a little different than the other sense roms I've messed with. I'm not sure if the difference is because...
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    Post ☆ ★ | ROM | InfectedROM Eternity™ | NIGHTLYS | Sense 3.5 | XE BEATS AUDIO | ★ ☆

    +1 I just stumbled across Zeus Mod today. That lead me to TrevE's Rom for the 3D and fernando sor's Tranquility theme. Both of these great mods made for 3D and here I sit with my Evo 4G :( But, what I found out was that you can make Zeus Mod work on 8-25 Synergy-Kingdom. Pull the systemUI/apk...
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    Post [theme] ZEUS [MOD] [app] ** tRANquiLity***blue 9/1/2011

    fernando: Well, guess what... I flashed Virus Synergy-Kingdom which is a sense 3.0 port for the Evo 4g and then extracted the systemUI.apk from Tranquility theme and pushed it to my phone (evo4g) and it booted up just fine and much to my surprise I had the Zeus Mod quick settings pull down...
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    Post [theme] ZEUS [MOD] [app] ** tRANquiLity***blue 9/1/2011

    So Evo 3D is Sense 3.0 (I should have known that but hey, I don't have one). Synergy for Evo4G is 2.1 + 3.0. There are some sense 3.0 roms for Evo 4G like gruesomewolf's Kinged Shooter and virus' Synergy-Kingdom Your saying that maybe the systemUI is compatible? That would be too easy...
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    Post [theme] ZEUS [MOD] [app] ** tRANquiLity***blue 9/1/2011

    Well...mines not. I'm using synergy and it says sense 2.1. Are you saying that Zeus mod would work with a sense 3.0 port?
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    Post [ROM] Synergy - [RLS1+GodMode 08/05/2011] - Now With Warm Sprinkles!

    Zues Mod I stumbled across this youtube clip of Zeus Mod for the evo3d. Is there anyone working on bringing it to the 4G? It looks pretty slick.
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    Post [theme] ZEUS [MOD] [app] ** tRANquiLity***blue 9/1/2011

    Is it possible for Zues Mod to work on Evo 4G? Is anyone working on it? I stumbled across TrevE's youtube clip. Looks like most of the kool new stuff is over here in 3D land.