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    Post Vivo Nex S Ultimate Update 6.13.15 (3.01GB) PIE

    I think so, its better change tittle.
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    Post Vivo Nex S Ultimate Update 6.13.15 (3.01GB) PIE

    PD1805: Chinese. PD1805F: Global. Yours are PD1805, Chinese version.
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    Post Should I buy Vivo Nex ?

    Dont do that, its the BEST phone right now.
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    Post G Cam For Vivo Nex
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    Post VIVO next dual flash Chinese to global

    Vivo didn´t allow to unlock bootloader, so you cant flash a different version.
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    Post [ROM] STRATOSfied AmazFit | AmazFit 2 / AmazFit STRATOS | rel 28 |

    Stratosfield are based on chinese version, most updated that global version.
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    Post Bootloader unlock

    This phone never unlock bootloader.
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    Post Does anyone know a method to activate Trust Agend and Smart Lock on NEX S

    You need global versión for Smart Lock.
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    Post Official Firmware Download

    No, this phone are closed. Very very closed :(
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    Post Official Firmware Download

    I think that you can´t boot this phone in fastboot mode.
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    Post Letv One Max1 / X900 - Main Thread -

    HI. Im sorry, but this phone I sold several years ago. Regards.
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    Post issue with 9.0 beta for nex

    Vivo support answer into chinese forum: Due to the open source nature of Android, many unknown source software may be silently installed without your knowledge. To ensure the security of your mobile phone, we have added the software account verification function, so when the mobile phone...