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    Post DroidSansFallback.ttf + Softbank Emoji font

    emoji is hopeless for android :((
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    Post signal drop!

    for a week from now.... try to up and downgarde but still same problem.... try gsm mode or turn off HSDPA..... i have no idea... but today got worst, suddenly no simcard detected... reset it, replace simcard... it turn up many time.
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    Post [14/11/10] Kostas244-Rom-WWE-WM6.5-23016 A1-B4/23414 C2/23541 A3S

    well, we cant get RS link.... :confused:
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    Thread signal drop!

    i have problem, when i put my polaris into my pocket or in a bag, the signal bar turns to ! icon ("No Status"). is it hardware thing or radio? i had flash it into 3 different rom and dowbgrade radio but, still i got this experience.... i used rom ori WM6.1...
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    Post [14/11/10] Kostas244-Rom-WWE-WM6.5-23016 A1-B4/23414 C2/23541 A3S

    Kostas244_ROM3g_23016_FINAL_A at 24/9/09 (with 3g dialer for video calls). <--- Any RS link? its always discconected at end of download. :confused:
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    Post [22-Sep-09] PDAVIET ROM WM 6.5 CE OS 5.2.23414 By TranMinhMan - link added

    i had a troublesome downloaded from 4hared, its always disconnected from server, if someone could make a mirror to that would be nice. thx
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    Post [14/11/10] Kostas244-Rom-WWE-WM6.5-23016 A1-B4/23414 C2/23541 A3S

    making video call i mean.. coz every cooked rom i use it cannot making video call.... thx kosta for tour rom, i give it try :D
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    Post Latest Original ROM WM6.1 WWE_3.13.405.0

    cant download it, its show error like this Error This file is neither allocated to a Premium Account, or a Collector's Account, and can therefore only be downloaded 10 times. This limit is reached. To download this file, the uploader either needs to transfer this file into his/her Collector's...
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    Post Lightest, fastest 6.1 WWE ROM for Polaris?

    rom that can Video Call?:confused:
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    Post [1 July 08] 3LIT3 VIII-[FRA|GER|ITA|NLD|PTG|RUS|WWE][Full|Lite|Clean|Naked]

    video call is these rom can make video call?