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  • I also playing around with my kaiser... Now full android phone :) haha... I use the phone when i goto a big party and not want loose my hero..
    Hi Stickman,

    Keep me informed about your ROM.. i use it now for 2 weeks i think... great great and again great... Faster then all 2.1 roms...

    Hello Stickman
    I've flashed your rom, and its very fast and stable, as well as pretty, great work!
    However, as I guess you already know, since I'm using hebrew fonts for the 'contacts', the HTC widget for the favorite contact does not like it to much and FC everytime I'm using it :(
    Is it possible to replace this widget with the older version of HTC, or to improve this one so it would wotk with hebrew fonts?
    Anyway, thank you and keep up the great work! ;)
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