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    Post [No Root][6.0+]V10 Camera fully ported to G4 [DISCONTINUED]

    just tried v4, thanks for your work. i cant find the 60fps option on my h815 :-/ ? edit: :D found it, working fine in manual mode! is it possible to also get 60fps in normal mode?
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    Post Take excellent night photos with Lg Camera manuell mode!

    cool, but are you sure its iso 50? its so noisy at the top.
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    Post Take excellent night photos with Lg Camera manuell mode!

    manual mode, long exposure time (8-30s), low iso (50-200). for the "light writing" you need a light source, in that case i used the backlight of my bicycle. due to the long long exposure time you cant do those picture "by hand", you will need a solid stand, I used a tripod.
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    Post LG G4 Picture Samples

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    Post LG G4 Picture Samples

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    Post Different Display-Panels/Quality?!

    both have the same firmware
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    Thread Different Display-Panels/Quality?!

    hey guys, i just receive two LG G4 (H815) from the amazon warehouse. I have the feeling that one of the devices has a little brighter display with also a little better viewing angles (both tested at 100% brightness). Is that possible? Does LG build in diffrent panels or are my eyes fooled?
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    Post Pictures taken with the LG G3

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    Post Post Pictures you have Taken with you Xperia ZL Camera!

    its a feature of the google camera app.
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    Post Hearthstone on Nook HD.

    i also tried hearthstone on my nook hd+ i face the same things as you, in favt im thinking about buying a new tab just for this game..^^
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    Post [ROM][LB][UB] eXistenZ v5.0.0 | Ultra | 4.3 | .101 | Sirius Look & Feel | 25/04

    on your screenshot on page 1 you can overclock your ZL higher than 1500mhz and i can not. 1500 is the maximum selectable setting for me.