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Recent content by strapdad

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    Post [ROM][OFFICIAL][hotdogb][11] LineageOS 18.1

    Is there any way to get this feature on LineageOS? I use image copy a lot, this is on Pixel Experience. Also, what other big features would I be losing or gaining coming from Pixel Experience? Just a summary, I don't need every feature listed. Just the ones you consider important.
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    Post [ROM][05/20][11.0] Yet another AOSP project [OP7T][STABLE]

    xda isn't letting the log upload, heres a link. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1thGavBjFkynkXXuxW42qVgV5CQ1lRkV7/view?usp=sharing edit: after flashing StatiXOS the problem was fixed, which makes me assume it's caused by MTP.
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    Post [ROM][05/20][11.0] Yet another AOSP project [OP7T][STABLE]

    Only issue I've had so far may be hardware related, not sure. While I have a USB C controller connected, I can't use the charging port on the controller to also charge the phone while I'm using the controller input. It disconnects the controller and charges the phone. Pass through charging, I...
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    Post [RECOVERY][3.4.0-2][hotdogb]Unofficial TWRP recovery for OnePlus 7T Unified (Tes)

    I'm not too excited about using unofficial builds, especially from just random places. No offense to that developer, you just never know. Getting everyone together to fund an official TWRP incentive would be best to get other official rom support (I'm guessing). Just a random's two cents though...
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    Post [RECOVERY][3.4.0-2][hotdogb]Unofficial TWRP recovery for OnePlus 7T Unified (Tes)

    Is there a place I can throw money at this to get it ironed out? I want to get this thread rolling again, I'm available for testing builds as well. Please fill me in if there's some issue I'm not accounting for, some OnePlus thing maybe.
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    Post Lineage for the OP7T, (target reached)

    Realistically could the same thing be done to get TWRP working? I would rather spend money on giving Mauronofrio and others the incentive to iron out that, flashing with fastboot is a major pain.
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    Post [ROM][Android 11][OP7T] crDroid v7.8 [15 July 2021]

    Only problem I have so far is the corners of the display being too shallow, looks pretty silly to me. How does one fix that? edit: its also in some sort of colorblind mode out of the box..? Going to the colorblind menu reveals the reds are blacks now, screenshotting it shows correct colors.
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    Post [ROM][Android 11][OP7T] crDroid v7.8 [15 July 2021]

    If I'm on an Android 11 custom rom already for the 7T, do I need to go back to OOS before I install this one?
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    Thread "Failed to mount '/system' (invalid argument)", Help translating tech talk

    To be quick, I have a very specific error in all TWRP versions on LS997 that won't let the system stay mounted while flashing roms, "Failed to mount '/system' (invalid argument)". I believe I found a fix for it in a dead reddit thread, but I can't understand how to do it on an LG v20. Help is...
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    Post [KERNEL][AOSP][AnyKernel][LOS-15.1+EAS] Gamma Kernel for [All Lineage Variants]

    Initially I had problems installing this at first on LS997 (Error 1: Unsupported Android version), but then I remembered that for whatever reason when installing LineageOS I needed to remove a line in the "updater-script" file that checks the firmware version to get it working. In this case, I...
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    Post [Guide][Tutorial] Root TWRP LG V20 using Dirtysanta[Most Variants][Noobfriendly]

    Few questions. 1. Which roms would be the most compatible/stable with LS997? 2. Should I flash a different stock firmware rom (such as H910), flash a custom rom, or flash my stock? 3. Where do I check kernel? What do I do with that information?
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    Thread [Help] LS997 DirtySanta Stock Rom com.android.phone error

    I have my device rooted now, but I keep getting this dumb error. Every time I close it, it almost immediately reappears. After Googling, I couldn't find anything that gets rid of it. https://imgur.com/a/P9Y1puh
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    Post [Help] LS997 DirtySanta Stuck at Secure Startup

    Wiped it, still get the com.android.phone errors. Unfortunate, makes doing anything impossible with so many error popups.
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    Post [Guide][Tutorial] Root TWRP LG V20 using Dirtysanta[Most Variants][Noobfriendly]

    I managed to fix this issue, but then when I booted into the device setup (Languages, Accessibility, ect.) I got a ¨com.android.phone stopped working¨ popup that immediately reappears when you close it. When I tried to fix it by doing a factory reset in the settings (NOT the volume down menu...