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    Post Upgrading my YT9213A - 9" unknown brand

    Mine is the same "specs" as yours . Its actually only 1GB RAM and Android 8.1 according to CPU-Z. I would like to upgrade the android version too but I'm nothing is jumping out at me.
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    Post wireless charging mod (s4 ACTIVE)

    I got it on eBay. Just search for "thin s4 qi charger" or similar. Its actually got a white coloured sticker one one side (which I removed). This is the one I got... And a photo of it... However, I have just found out the NFC doesn't work any more. I...
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    Post wireless charging mod (s4 ACTIVE)

    Its really good. I don't ever have to fiddle with the USB flap anymore. One thing I've found is that the phone needs to be placed on the qi charging pad very accurately, otherwise it goes into a constant charging/unplugged cycle when the battery gets full. If you locate it properly it doesn't do...
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    Post wireless charging mod (s4 ACTIVE)

    I have cobbled together a qi charging loop for my s4a. I used one of those new 0.6mm thin loops for s4 off ebay. I had to cut the loop down a fair bit so that it remains entireley within the gasket. There is only so much you can trim it down without totally cutting the circuit tracks. The...
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    Post [MOD][JB] • MultiWindow Control • Stock Roms • XXEM(G4/F6/D3/D2/C3/C2/B2/B1/R2/A2/A1)

    Please somebody help a brother out? EDIT: NVM I got it working, I un-flashed it and reflashed it and its working now. I am on XELLA rooted stock, with the required busybox installed, and CWM. This is what I'm doing... 1. disable multiwindow in settings->display. 2. launch the MWC apk and...
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    Post CyanogenMod 10 JB Discussion/User Thread

    This ROM is bloody good for a preview. I think I will use it as a daily driver its that good. One thing is that the screen rotation in landscape mode is inverted, is it just me or is it a known issue? Edit OK I found the issue in the development thread, looks like it can be fixed with a patch...
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    Post [CWM&ODIN][XXLQ2]AllianceROM N7000 ICS v1

    Been using this rom for a few weeks now. So much better than the last 2 roms I tried. Smooth and rock-solid stable. Good work mate. I want to try a bit of undervolting, what would be a good kernel to go with AllianceROM for that purpose? I'd like to use setCPU to control it.
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    Post [ROM][ODIN][ICS][Stock Root Deodex] N7000XXLPY_N7000OXALPY_N7000XXLPT_ROOT_DEODEX

    Flashed it and now ive lost root. ffs man can this crap be taken down.
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    Post Nexus One > Ice Cream Sandwich

    It wouldn't be so bad if Google (or any other Android manufacturer) had given us a top end phone that wasn't gimped in some way, in the nearly 2 years sine the N1 landed. There hasn't been a single phone that covered all bases along the way, there was always something missing. The closest I...
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    Post What speed and/or Class card do you use for your memory card?

    U serious? its hard enough getting dudes to post full benchmarks, let alone a microscopic 20 digit hexadecimal code as well! And even then, as you have found, you can't get the code off a potential seller beforehand anyway. EDIT: and that post has been maintained for almost 6 months now, and...
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    Post What speed and/or Class card do you use for your memory card?

    Hey zarathustrax, I'm maintaining a microSD benchmark results thread and we have quite a few results now, and it backs up everything you are saying. The 32GB Class2 Sandisk (when it was available) owns everything on random writes. Followed by the 32 Class4 Sandisk. By comparison, a 32GB...
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    Post [ROM] GRI40 Stock, Deodexed, rooted, busybox, battery %, TB alert 3/04/11

    I'm pleased to confirm that FRG83 has fixed my wifi bug! I've been using it all weekend without a single wifi reconnect issue. Previously (even on FRG33) I'd always have to use wifixer, because the wifi would never (about 90% of the time) reconnect after sleep. This only started happening...
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    Post [ROM] GRI40 Stock, Deodexed, rooted, busybox, battery %, TB alert 3/04/11

    Then can I try to molest you in the parking lot? ;-)
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    Post Incipio SILICRYLIC for Google Nexus One

    Oh I just posted this in another thread (but is better posted in here).... Ok well I got this Incipio silicylic hybrid case today, and I'm not that impressed. It looks nice, and does give the extra support for the silicone down each side of the screen I was looking for. But they've totally...
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    Post Nexus silicone case/skin

    Too bulky, the nexus dock only just fits the bare phone. In saying that, its not that the cases are that bulky (except maybe the otterbox ones), just that that the dock is a bit fussy about who it takes for a ride.