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    Post Something about root

    Sorry for the slightly off topic but can anyone who has tripped knox on their tab s7+ confirm if widevine has been affected? Any lowering of resolution in paid streaming apps like netflix, youtube tv or prime video? Jonesing to root my tablet but not sure I want to risk losing widevine L1.
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    Post Features lost when Rooting?

    Thanks for the reply. Yeah I have rooted my samsung devices in the past as well but I believe the last one I did was my note 4 as well but I don't remember widevine being a thing back then or at least I didn't care. Of all the features I am concerned about that. Don't really care about the other...
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    Thread Features lost when Rooting?

    I asked in one of the root threads and didn't get a reply. From looking through the existing threads I understand that you lose samsung pay and the hidden folder feature. I can live with those but is there any other features lost when unlocking the bootloader? 1.) Once knox is tripped will...
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    Post How to root Galaxy Tab S7(+). (GUIDE)

    Is there any downgrade in widevine when rooting? Or any other issues with video resolution due to rooting?
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    Post TWRP Coral [Official]

    Didn't help me. Did it fix your issue? If someone can tell me what I am doing wrong great but I have had my phones rooted for damn near a decade and thus is the most recent set of steps I use. Installed the latest canary magisk manager. From there wen tto install magisk by patching the...
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    Post TWRP Coral [Official]

    Excellent, thanks for posting it. I'll try it in a bit here. It's just slightly smaller than the one I created myself so hopefully that is enough of a difference to fix it haha. Either way appreciate the support!
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    Post TWRP Coral [Official]

    I tried the beta out a while back and to downgrade to 10 I did have to wipe. Tried it first without wiping and it wouldn't boot. Not sure if it is the same for the final release but since you are having problems I think it might be the case.
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    Post TWRP Coral [Official]

    Never mind, I see others asked as well haha. Well I would like that file too if you can upload it to google drive or elsewhere and share the link .
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    Post US Pre-Order Waiting Room

    Mine still says September 21st for the tablet and 28th for the keyboard cover. I preordered a few hours after ti went live on September 2nd.
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    Post TWRP Coral [Official]

    In the exact same position as you. I have tried just about everything but can't get root on my pixel 4 xl. I did the ota to 11. I thought it would just download it so I would have time to magisk patch before it rebooted and keep root but it just did it on its own when I woke up. I have tried...
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    Post Magisk General Support / Discussion

    which is? As stated I am not using twrp. I didn't see the version on magisk there but the magisk manager was the latest canary and it was indeed showing 20425.
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    Post Magisk General Support / Discussion

    Thanks for the reply. Yeah I haven't used twrp in a while due to compatibility issues, I just boot the modified boot img that is patched from magisk manager. Then I usually patch it directly from magisk manager on the next boot. That said in this case I tried flashing it in fastboot as well as...
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    Post Magisk General Support / Discussion

    I have a pixel 4xl that was on 10 rooted with magisk. I did the ota upgrade to 11 and then after switching to magisk canary e66b0bf3(298) which seems to be the latest canary I could find I am unable to boot my magisk_patched boot image. It tries, get's to the google logo and then goes back to...
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    Post Help! What wireless earbuds should I buy for this phone?

    Well that's a bummer, I use the 65t's and I just ordered the international mate 20x. Did you have the jabra app installed? Not really sure if it helps with the connection process or not. Also, were these the chinese variant or the international variant you tried them on?
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    Post does M Pen use Wacom technology?

    I don't know for sure but I think they are using wacom based on a report from wacom on earlier mpens. Since Microsoft uses ntrig it most likely will not work but maybe they are using a different tech in the newer pens. Also, I saw another article on their website from 2017 that they are/were...