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    Post Repurpose Pixel Phone

    i know, that doesnt make the phone good though, i can copy original quality images to my file server just fine
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    Post Yet another bootloop

    wow is this the real djared704???
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    Post Repurpose Pixel Phone

    put it in the trash, thats the best use for a pixel
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    Post Nest Hub Max software in Echo Show 5

    go on then, waste your time figuring that out
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    Post [Solved] Hard bricked Pixel XL

    your fault for using a gsi in the first place to be fair
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    Post [GUIDE] Expand the system partition on Pixel XL/Pixel

    there is nobody that likes miui
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    Post Please help. Bricked Pixel XL

    you relocked your bootloader. user error.
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    Post delete pls

    delete pls
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    Thread Post-October Patch Issues

    Hello all, Is anybody having issues with their Pixel XL or Pixel after they updated to the Android 10 October Patch in regards to random rebooting, flickering while charging or unplugging from charger, irrecoverable soft reboots, major lag when locking the phone (taking 20 seconds to actually...
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    Post Blank App?

    yes but why? just sounds like wasted time to me, our lives are short remember. that time could be spent with friends and family but no here you are flashing factory image before rom
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    Post Blank App?

    you dont even need to flash the factory image, will work fine flashing from whatever they have now
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    Post Cant unlock bootloader on refurbished pixel 2

    any phone this old listed as new or brand new is 100% refurbished in china using the ****tiest parts and then boxed in a really poor recreation of the stock box and shipped off to a distributor in your country
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    Post HTC 10 as a Google Home Hub

    you wont be able to make it anything like a "Google Home Hub" in the sense that you have the UI or anything from it, the most you will be able to achieve is a clock app in fullscreen 100% of the time or some other dashboard type app with google assistant + ok google recognition on.
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    Post Unable to use ADB with my Pixel XL

    how have you been using linux for 6-8 months and you still think ****-tier distros like ubuntu and mint are still acceptable