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  • Dear Mr Sun_dream,,
    i just bought a new O2 xda exec Ram 64mb, but i want to upgrade rom to 6.5 could u tell me which link that available for me?
    you can send me via my email [email protected]
    thank u in advance for your help :)
    Sun_dream your new rom for htc Blue Angel is the best which i have met (21630_v2_Manila2D_1919_By_Sun_Dream) and when i place to my phone and install 4HTC 2DManila 2.0.19191432.04 work perfectly, but when i install other cabs from folder and restart it display "Tap here to lounch TouchFLO" on today screen tapping and nothing happens. Could you tell me how to fix it because i want this rom. Sory for my bad english and thank you in advance. Best wishes Swell_boy.
    Hi man how r u?
    i wish u fine

    plz i was downloaded ur rom Windows Mobile6.5Professional(QVGA)v7.9.25_HTCBA

    but it was locked can u give me password plz

    need your help...
    i want to install the wm6.5 in my lg ks20..
    i need the software and how to install it..please need your help
    i have some problems with my Blue Angel Qtek 9090 and i will love to upgrade it but don`t know how...
    I have it with windows mobile 5.What do i need to upgrade it.
    whats up, im downloading ur files to install WM 6.5 but is asking me for a password..
    can u tell me what is it????
    hey sun_dream ...u upload so nice roms..i really like them..i think u should open ur own company....well i installed ur HTC Touch Dual(NIKI*) 21827 Aku5.0.60 WWE v2.11 on my phone and there problem in touchflo opens in a transparent screen when i swipe my finger from bottom to up...u also attached a file in the thread by the name of ..but i dont know wat to do with this file, where to copy paste...where to install..what...plz help sun_dream ur the best...
    Hello Sun_Dream

    I need your help

    can you please send me the instructions to upgrade from wm6.1 to wm6.5 on vista

    I have imate pda2k I am trying to install wm6.5 but it fails

    I will be very thankful to you
    Hi, i have a problem with yours and all other ROM's as soon as i download them and install them on my BlueAngel (Orange SPV M2000 with Windows Mobile 2003 SE) they wont work.
    The problem is that the start menu doesnt work.
    And its just upgraded, so it looks like Windows Mobile 6.5 Prof. But it doesnt ask me to configure the phone, like allign screen and the other things.
    Hope you can help me.

    whats up, im downloading ur files to install WM 6.5 but is asking me for a password..
    can u tell me what is it????
    sun达,啥时候发布下D700的 23004 的中文版本啊!很喜欢你的501,尤其是其中的字体 和电脑上显示的一样,简直是完美!如果没时间出ROM能不能出个字体包啊,刷了英文版的始终感觉咱国人使用起来很别扭,期待你的大作!谢谢
    hi. i am trying to upgrade my PDA2k to 6.5, its on 6. i have download every single rom available on xda forum but non of them is updating. can u tell what to do. i tried it in normal sync mode as well as boot loader but after trying for several minutes the rom update application gives error that rom is not resigned for this device. where as i have seen pictures on the of 6.5 running on the same mobile i have.
    help me out in this issue.
    email : [email protected]
    Hi Sun_Dream,

    I have flashed my O2 Xda IIs with your WM6.5 R7 Rom (build 21725.5.0.20). The upgrade was completed successfully but it does not syns properly and ending with message " required attention".

    In addition, please advise me how to install the extended ROM. When I execute the exe file, I get message of " it is not a 32 bit program". I performed all the operations from my Windows XP with SP 3.

    I would like to have all the help messages in English reinstalled together with the mobile office programs that came with the system.

    I would be grateful to have your advice on the above queries.

    NC Cheung
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