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  • hi sir
    sir u uploaded a screen shot of wm6.5 himalaya..?
    is it availible anywhere from where i can download it?
    thanx in advanced
    Hi Sir, I would like to participate in your WM 5.6 Beta testing for the latest build. I am a BA avid user.
    This is quite impresive r0m as ived used it, for quite s0me time, but since,, it needed a patch to put to windows direct0ry,it had eaten up,the 30.53 mem0ry,n0w theres n0t that much can be intaled to the main mem0ry,, is sundream around here, is it ok for me to request to repacked,or re-p0rt this build 20753, like you have d0ne to the beta release of build 19588, i would be realy happy,for this one,
    Good luck to your schooling, please keep me updated if you already have a new release for our BA. Thanks man! :)
    Hey man! Whats up? Haven't heard from you lately? I'm still hosting your ROM's on my blog. Just email me if there's anything new. And also thanks for all of you sincere help to my family. Takecare.
    Sir good day to you,, im having some time,viewing the complain from microsoft itself,s0ry 4 dat, im one of the loyal users of r0m,especialy for my himalaya, w/n i have heard bowt the news, i became sad, because of the factthat, im expecting 6.5 r0m that youll,creat for our himalaya,, and as of n0w,, il stay w/build 19588 for my himalaya,, tnx for this great r0m,, myxXx here, c0ming from the philippines
    Hi can you send me a password to rar file with Windows Mobile 6.5?? is there any italian version?
    does it works also with windows XP home I have on the pc [I don't use Vista]?
    somewhere I read that it could be dangerous for HTC 9090, possible?
    Thanks a lot
    Dear master, i have try to download the new blue rom ver. 7 but the download link at cant we acces i think its that link has broken or interrupt, can master send me via email at my email [email protected] please
    Hi i have a t moble mda3 .
    Sorry my englisch is bad.I have install a Windows mobile 5 Extrom verson helmi v1.1 operator version aku3.2.Don t install a windows mobile 6.What i need .I have donload a load of many updats but dont work or i show error 1
    02 country .Please help me i will update to mobile 6.
    I wait for a answer

    Thank see you later Caki
    hello sun_dream, i would like to invite you join our forum @ for introduce your BlueAngel ROM
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