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Recent content by Superguy

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    Thread Question Resolution Issues

    Is anyone having issues with the resolution in some apps? I've noticed that in some games and apps I use, it seems like the image is bigger than what's displayed on the screen. Like the sides may be cut off a little or the corners might be hidden. It particularly shows to in Star Trek Timelines...
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    Post Question Oneplus 9 LE2117 root process(T-Mobile)

    Follow the steps to install magisk.
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    Post Question TMobile OP9 bootloader unlock process stuck

    If your phone is SIM unlocked, follow the instructions to convert from T-Mo to global. Then you'll have the normal OEM unlock in dev options. Then you can just do the fastboot oem unlock and call it good. Much easier and you don't have to deal with the token. It worked well for me.
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    Post Question Changing from Global Rom to EU solved(ish)

    What are the differences between the global and EU roms? Are there any benefits to using one over the other?
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    Post Question Tmobile oneplus 9 sim unlock

    I know the feeling without root. The ads alone were driving me nuts! And the performance hit the stock rom was causing! I kept my 7 Pro with me until the 9 for unlocked. I did phone/email/text with the 9 and then used Wi-Fi on the 7 Pro for everything else. Converting it to the global rom and...
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    Post How To Guide Convert T-Mobile OnePlus 9 to Global (or other) firmware

    Ended up working great for me!
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    Post Question Tmobile oneplus 9 sim unlock

    He's active and just sent me instructions to unlock my OP9 and my son's Nord N10. Both worked! I'm unlocked and a very happy camper! Those ads were really starting to get to me. 😄 Donation sent! Well worth it!
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    Post Question strange problem with dual sim.

    I haven't seen dual SIM cards on either the US T-Mobile or US unlocked versions.
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    Post Question Sincerely hope there will be more third party rom

    Has anyone tried xXx's Magisk Rom to see if it works? I looked how it debloated everything in the 7 and 8 series as was pretty lite.
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    Post Question Rooting/Bootloader Unlock for T-Mo variant

    Bumping I saw that there's an MSM tool to convert the TMo version to the Global version. Of course this is after the SIM unlock. I've done some reading but I'm not sure I'm understanding. I seem to remember there was something weird about the modems on TMo's version. Does the conversion take...
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    Post How To Guide Convert T-Mobile OnePlus 9 to Global (or other) firmware

    Does the conversion still force the TMo modems to be used, or does is it use the standard NA modems?
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    Post [Magisk ROM] xXx NoLimits [OP7pro] ☆ Speed/RAM optimized ☆ [OOS/H2OS v10]

    I'm working fine as well. Also using YT Vanced manager for updates. Only thing is YT still wants to update in Play Store, but I just ignore that.
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    Post Question TWRP?

    Not even one for the 7 Pro on Android 11. I flashed it after upgrading and got stuck in a crazy boot loop. Had a lot of fun getting it back. Fortunately, I was able to use a stock boot image to boot then pull all my data off. Then had to MSM it to get it back to normal. It was not a fun night.
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    Post How To Guide Root OnePlus 9

    Patched Magisk img is in post 63. I used it to root a fresh OP9.