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  • Hi

    I would like to thank you for you help on my last prob. and by the way ask if there's a release of Manila 2D 2.5 for my Htc P3600 Trinity.

    PS: If there is pls send me a private masseage.

    I have an HTC P3600 and when I start it all I got is this:




    and four colors


    Pls I need help

    hi super sport.. can you help me with my well lil problem.. about my web acess using trinity..
    im able to surf the web before using the m2d by yaka(came with that ROM when i bought it) and tried to reflashed just last feb 20 i think and well i can connect to my router but the thing is i cant acess and site.. i using the built in browser the IE with your rom.. also tried to use other ROM by icke and nar saw you post some there too but experience same problem... i dont know if i did somethng wrong but can you help me? thank you.. ke

    I have installed 28014 Blue P3600 ROM and i installed it succesfully , but when i turn on my htc appears first some animation , and then blue screen and it says SuperSport ... i have waited 2 hours and he didnt boot ? do you know how to resolve my problem ...

    thanks in advance , sorry for my english
    Salve volevo chiederti se c'è in italiano la rom 28014 e se funziona il WIFI e la cnnessione condivisa per utilizzare il palmare come modem per il computer
    Yes, that is a problem. People forget that money does help, even if it's just a small amount.

    We've now been talking about offering a reward to get this problem solved. I'm currently very sick and not able to work, so I'm limited in what I can offer, but I've started out with $20US, and hope others follow...
    I have read thru your Trinty thread. Seems to me you are facing two issues.

    1. You have to obtain and flash a bootloader that will allow you to write to the specific area of the NAND that went bad.
    2. You have to find the offset where you will alter the info and flash to, and use that same data to get the file with Plink.

    I was lucky in that Olipro and POF found the area of the NAND where the WLAN was located and wrote bootloader to access it. I only put together a proceedure after knowing that...

    I will tell you one thing, after all the work I did, and all the guys that were helped by my method that saved them hundreds of dollars, ONLY ONE GUY sent me $10 via PayPal and not one other user sent a damn thing. So maybe you can see why developers and troubleshooters limit their activities to their own devices...peace
    Sorry guys, even though I was able to figure out the method for the Hermes, I have no idea how to apply it for your Trinity device...
    ok supersport
    i have download AutoFlash 23506 Lite w Addons.exe

    i have launch rom update with windows mobile running on trinity (no bootloader)

    rom update utility

    when i click on update
    and after click next ... etc
    the trinity enter into bootloader
    IPL-SSPL by Des


    then update stop at 18%
    trinity reset and auto return on

    TRIN100 MFG

    rom update utility
    error [276]:update error

    now launch mutty
    task 32
    info 8
    and ......

    Block 0x6(6) is BAD block !!!

    i have reflash with herm5.nb

    return 0x6 no erro

    if i launch AutoFlash 23506 Lite with trinity bootloader

    TRIN100 MFG
    there is no problem
    do you still have the complete rom where you extracted the radio from. Need the rilphone.dll from the OS as well.
    Hello SuperSport,

    how did You manage to get the 8Gig sandisk micro sd card working. When I try using it my trinity only recognizes 4 Gb. Using Lalle'S rom 5.1.9588.1.1.4 (3.28.407.0 radio
    hi, can you tell me the link to download the ROM - "NiAx 6.1.40 Clean OEM
    I'm using WM6 in a Qtek S200 wich the inf is:
    ROM version: WWE
    Radio version: 02.47.21
    Protocol versio:
    ExtROM: PDAViet

    And i would like to know how to change the boot screen...Thank you
    be good
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