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  1. Suraj Dutta

    Post Not able to get on original stock rom.

    Go to this link 👇 if you don't understand anything then reply me https://firmwarefile.com/samsung-sm-j701f
  2. Suraj Dutta

    Post Not able to get on original stock rom.

    Your phone and model ?
  3. Suraj Dutta

    Post My MI A1 hard bricked..any solutions?

    Do step by step Before you do anything Install Qualcomm Diagnostic Driver 1. Connect your data cable in pc without connect your phone 2. Open Mi Flash tool 3. Then connect your phone by pressing volume down + power button 4. Try flashing fastboot rom
  4. Suraj Dutta

    Post need help

    Download from here https://www.google.co.in/amp/s/forum.xda-developers.com/galaxy-s6/general/stock-firmwares-sm-g920f-k-l-p-s-t-t3317826/amp/
  5. Suraj Dutta

    Thread [HELP] Need Micromax Q352 QCN File

    Hello Developer, Please upload the micromax Q352 QCN file Thanks...
  6. Suraj Dutta

    Post Phone shuts down when the screen goes off

    You can try flashing 8.0 fastboot image with Mi Flash Tool
  7. Suraj Dutta

    Post [Hard Bricked] Mi A1 in Qualcomm EDL mode, can't get MiFlash to work

    Hold the power button for a second then relase the power key and try to going into fastboot mode and then flash with Mi Tools
  8. Suraj Dutta

    Post [NEWS] MI A1 Rolling Out June Update

    Wait a minute...my system is updating
  9. Suraj Dutta

    Thread [NEWS] MI A1 Rolling Out June Update

    Hello friends, Good news that we get the june update
  10. Suraj Dutta

    Post OREO - MiA1 Stock rom Camera app on any custom rom

    Yah its only for Mi not for LEeco
  11. Suraj Dutta

    Post [ROM][OFFICIAL][8.1.0_r36] dotOS 2.4[DUI][tissot][23/07/2018]

    What's your problem tell me in my telegram channel <Mod Snip>
  12. Suraj Dutta

    Thread Best rom for mi a1

    Top 3 rom that i love most... 1. AOSP_Extended 2. DotOS 3.RRemix And i used FK Kernel for all rom. Thanksgiving
  13. Suraj Dutta

    Post [ROM][OFFICIAL][8.1.0][Tissot] LineageOS 15.1[Weeklies]

    Lineage Nightly delete my IMEI...i will never try this rom again...after a hard work i get my imei again
  14. Suraj Dutta

    Post [ROM][OFFICIAL][8.1.0_r36] dotOS 2.4[DUI][tissot][23/07/2018]

    You can do fast your fingerprint reader just edit in .Buildprop....go to buildprop and find the line of fingerprint scanner...