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  • Hello,

    After installing your "Advanced_Configuration_Tool_v3.3" it works, but when i us it and change many thing like "dont show sim contact" it require restart after that nothing happened!!, when i start the program again its realy nothing changed, i use the last official rom from HTC and netf 3.5

    thanx in advance and sorry for my bad english

    I have the Verizon HTC Touch Diamond. I'm using your 0.6.7 Diamond TF3D Config to change my TF3D themes, however every time I try to install a theme nothing happens. It stays as the old theme or sometimes only parts of the theme will install. I am using .theme files- is this correct or is there a different file type I should be using? Thanks so much for the help, I really appreciate it!

    zum einen bedanke Ich mich schonmal im vorraus für die tolle Arbeit die du machst.

    Nun zu meinem Problem ich hab ein HTC TOUCH HD und dachte mir das die Themes total Langweilig sind, gedacht gesucht gefunden, hab mir auch sogleich deinen Editor runtergeladen und nach einigen Probe versuchen hats dann auch geklabt NUR.
    Da das Touch Diamond ja kein so großes Display hat wie das HD sind die Themes alle zu klein was ich schade finde weil das Orange Theme mir immo am besten gefällt.
    Könntest du mir da vielleicht weiterhelfen ?



    PS: Bin zwar kein Pro aber bis jetzt hatt immer alles geklapt ^^

    I just got my hands on the Verizon Imagio, and it IS slick, but for the mostannoying problem. The TouchFLO 3D in the Imagio allows only chaging the ORDER of the programs, and NOT what programs are activated. Obviously, I'd like to change that Ü . Very new to Cell phone re-purposing Ü
    Is ther an updated program that an expert like yourself would recommend?

    Many Thanks for Your Valuable Time.

    Once again, THANKS for the mirabytes touch control suite. You did a very good job! I am running in demo version, for testing the control whether it meets my requirement for my application on windows mobile or not.

    2 things i am wondering whether can it be done or not, i am very sorry if the features is already there, but i can't found it.

    1. Can the items inside the TouchListBox been autosize to what it is contains? And also auto-wrapping the text? i have a long long text want to put in the item, but the text is been truncated due to it's limitation of word length, and it is not auto wrap? can this been done?

    2.let say my list have 50 items, and i want to programmatically select the index = 49, while the list is at the very top location, i notice that, when i code touchListBox1.SelectedIndex = 49, it will not auto-scroll to the location of the index 49, may i know how to accomplish this?

    thank you very much.
    Hi, I desperately need the default HTC black theme but the download at the bottom of the tf3d config page is down.
    Thanks for sharing this software it has been helpful in cleaning up my program list. Could you please post your tweaks.xml by itself outside of the cab file. I had to the tweak file so I could get it to run. I saw the post about the CDMA phones missing a specific key and so I could just delete that one tweak...

    Thanks in advance
    könntest du TF3D anpassen, damit es mit den neuen ManilaVersionen funktioniert ?


    i bought a diamond from Spain and i want to change OS language to english how i can do it?
    thanks in advance,
    i am having trouble w/ the diamond TF3D tool. i get an error when i attempt to run it. i have the correctDWORDin my HKLM/DRIVERS/TOUCHPANEL. i am trying 2 slef educate myself at all this and i have installed advanced config& reg edit on my Touch Pro(alltel) but cannot find how 2 delete the tweak.xml. Any help would b much appreciated! [email protected]

    I love your app, it's got some fantastic tweaks in it and is super user friendly. The only issue I've found so far, is in the "Wake on new SMS." I enabled it, and then decided I didn't like it, so I disabled it. However, it doesn't want to disable. No matter how many times I re-enable and re-disable it, the feature is always on.

    Is this a known issue, or do you know of a fix for it? Everything else your application has done has been fantastic!
    everytime i try to use the diamond tf3d configuration program i get an error message. I would like this program to work so i can change my themes. Im a newby the the htc touch pro and smartphones in general. I saw your thread on how to go to hklm/drivers/ but i dont know how to do this could you please help? i may be away from the computer could you email me at [email protected] or [email protected]


    harold alexander ii
    hallo sushilange

    ert mal vielen dank für deine arbeit.
    eine frage, wann kommt die neue version vom tf3d configurator, wo man mit 1.93er roms themen installieren kann?



    I loaded Diamond TF3D on my new HTC Fuze and it ws working well. Then I loaded and removed Advanced config (because it did work). Now Diamond TF3D gives me the "unexpected error" message. I've tried removing and reloading it. I've tried soft reseting. Nothing has worked. I love the program, any advice??
    [email protected]
    Hi mate,
    what to use instead of Diamond TF3D Config 0.6.7 on my HTC Diamond with 1.93.xxx ROM version?
    Hello, it's great to see all these new software development based onto g_sensor.

    I'm just wondering whether is would be possible to wake-up a mobile (from power-off state) using some how the g-sensor (like shaking the device) ?

    [email protected]
    Hello. I'm using your BLACK theme for TouchFlo on the HTC Touch Pro. It looks awesome but I have one problem. If I go to the Library of the Music Player i get black text on black background, which is pretty unreadable.

    How can I change the color of this font?
    Hallo Mr.
    I live in Germany. I changed my XDA ROM to English. But the problem is o2 Homezone Icon is missing in the English ROM. It would be great if you could make this.

    Thanks in advance!
    Hello, I can't find "HKLM\Software\HTC\EnlargeMenu" Is it in a file?? I cant change the wallpapper from my htc diamond.. Thank you for your help!
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