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  • Hello i am a PayPal Certified web developer who is currently entered into the PayPalX developer challenge, would be honored to redesign XDA after all the years it has assisted me.

    I Wouldnt charge but would be wondering if XDA could help promote me with the Developer challenge voting round (currently underway) i need paypal account holders to vote for my entry to get to round 2 (final round).

    Already sent you a PM this is just a follow up :)
    Hey, i am a graphics designer, have a very wide knowledge of using photoshop and have produced many pictures and website art i would be happy to help for free! but im not very good with web Thanks Ryan
    Hey, i am a programmer, i know basics in web design... i can help for free too!!! you halped me with free roms lol 1!!!!!!
    Hi Svetius,

    I am not a designer myself, however I have a couple of friends who could help. You do not need to pay us! We have benefited a lot from this community and we would obliged, if you can provide us this chance. Please let me know, how you would like to take things forward. You can reach me at kriskgk at gmail dot com

    [Mod Edit replaced full spider friendly mail address;)]
    re updating the design of the portal...

    ill help out... no fee needed if you give me enough time.

    my quals are 11 years as a pro web designer and seo consultant... my portfolio is in bits at the moment at cuz im changing hosts and planning something new

    i was gonna post offering free UI/design assistance to any app developers because any help i can give to overcome the nasty winmo ui is a godsend lol. so if you know anyone who wants to apple up their app interfaces let them know.

    let me know if you're interested
    plz listen....
    paypal have restricted indian acvounts for few months..
    we cannt do any trans...
    so i request u that if u r the most trustable person so then will u take responibility for mine?
    i mean to say in market pl...i like buy
    but no paypal????
    so i will tranfer money to ur account and then u will pay from paypal to the respected...
    Hi - Since the new N1 update I've noticed there are loads of questions regarding rooting the device. Is there any chance we could get a revised "Guide to rooting for N1 Noobs"? The one that is currently out there is comprehensive but also includes some user chatter that may not be relevant now. Thanks - mr_skot
    Can we advertise on xda-developers??

    We are very interested in your organization.

    We want to publicize our products by advertisement on your website.
    we are legal company, if you want business license and other legal document, we provide to you at once.
    would you like to cooperate with us?

    Look forward to receiving your immediate reply
    Thank you very much!!!!
    Hello Sir I Wanted to ask is there any way to delete the post which is created by me if yes pleaSe guide me if no can you please provide the delete option in the post it will be usefull will be waiting for reply.... thank u
    Hi, I have an issue and I believe you may be the person to talk to. Lately the forums have been getting all the different varieties of phones listed when it used to just be what HTC called them and then you could see the names that the carriers used in smaller type. I believe it is way too busy. Think of the KISS principle really the simple approach looks much better. Of course this is just my opinion but I hope you might give it some thought.
    Thanks for taking the time to read this.
    hi there..
    i have a problem
    i need to JTAG my p3300..
    i just need the pinouts on the board...can you help me?!please
    i'm in a very bad trouble
    can you please sticky some threads for Android Vouge NOOBs to help sort through the congestion that is in the Vougue General forum today. Thank you
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