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    Post Searching for a stable 6.1 ROM without Sense

    2) min 74 Y2 - This one I reckon it's probably the best only if you use European languages. I tried to install the chinese keyboard input onto the EzInput 2.1 and it failed to show in the keyboard option list. Dia Duit uses the basic one, so I just install EzInput 2.0 and it works with the...
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    Post Searching for a stable 6.1 ROM without Sense

    The DIA Duit v1.7 is the best after I tried most of other ROMS, everything works smoothly except the Internet search cannot pass the query to the Opera 10.
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    Post [ROM][15MAR10]Gen.Y D2 R5.5[WM6.1 21056][UC][SENSE2.1][WWE|NLD|GER|ITA|FRA|SPA]

    random hard reset since the problem occurs, I tried older verision like R4.4, it still behaved the same. I then decided to use mtty to format it and then install the Don Salari WM6.5 ROM and it worked fine now.
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    Post [ROM][15MAR10]Gen.Y D2 R5.5[WM6.1 21056][UC][SENSE2.1][WWE|NLD|GER|ITA|FRA|SPA]

    long time to boot up and occasional crash After I flashed this ROM, i found the boot up very slow after reset. sometimes after pushing the little red button to reset, it will hard reset it self and I have to reconfigure it again. why is that? I tried mtty to format the ROM but it still the...
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    Post [ROM][15MAR10]Gen.Y D2 R5.5[WM6.1 21056][UC][SENSE2.1][WWE|NLD|GER|ITA|FRA|SPA]

    after playing with WM6.5 ROM and having the memory low issues, I went back to WM6.1 and find Gen.Y is the best except the stock chart has an issue where the x axis almost covered by the edge.
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    Post [ROM][WWE/ITA][13.07.09]TIR V13.1D[porting from RHODIUM]

    very slow rom I flashed to this version but it is so slow to be usable. I suggest you go back to the simple graphics and also you missed the stock quote tab I really need. I dont recommend anyone using this ROM!!.
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    Post Possible G.P.S. Activation Fix

    after flashing the radio on my HTC diamond, The GPS signal goes on and off, on and off....continuously on the TomTom GPS status. it was strange, I have to use QuickGPS to download the data again on open air to get the signal on continuously again. If I download the data inside my...
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    Post Diamond Radio Thread [Updated 28.03.2009] - 3 new SU v1.13.25.24 I flashed the ROM, after that, GPS stop working, anyone has the problem?