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  • hi there, i now i shouldn't be bothering you with this, but my blue angel is weird, can't access contacts or phone :S i upgrade the rom but it doesn't fully format when upgrading..can you help me please? dunno what to do =\
    I m Using ur 20275 Build ROM Of wm 6.1 It's Best
    Thnx for make It

    I have a Que.

    After Upgrade ROM from A shipped Rom at the phone startup a 4 color Screen will Display that giving Info about Radio & ROM Version.

    If anyway to change this 4 color Screen to a sexy Pic or Like a Shipped ROM boot Screen. in wm6.1 wm6.5

    Plz Help me & Must Reply about this Issue

    Thnx for giving ur valueable time to read it
    just wondering
    how do you install the roms like for charmer
    can u just open them or do you need to do anything else?
    for example do i need to install cab files or something
    thank you
    Hai Swampy,..
    Any download to your "HTC Himalaya____WM6.5 5.2.23004 (Build 23004.5.3.0)"
    Hi Swampy,
    I'm testing your Charmer_TouchFlo_M2D_19400_Build.20275.1.3.3 Beta. It runs quite good. So far I haven't found any bugs.
    But can you tell me, how to change the look from "black an gold" to an other theme? I think the theme "Black Diamond" is included, but how can I switch it?
    Thanks a lot.
    Bye and best regards.
    I'm not sure if it will work with the Diamond as it is not compatible with the Kaiser, either. The Kaiser and the Diamond are similar.
    I'm not 100% sure if the lessons would work on the Hima and the Blue Angel. It's a very different process. Maybe porting the SYS folder might be compatible.... that's about all I can think off.
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