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  • Hey Swiftb - I just bought a diamond. will swift v. 7.5 work if I have the HTC's new 2.03 rom update on the phone? or will it mess things up.
    hey man i have installed ur [WM 6.1] NEW BLUE ELVES ROM V5.0.,.,.on my htc p3450.,.,it wrks good but
    nw i want to install WM6.5 ROM so plzz give me the link frm wher can i download.,.,nd one think more when i update this WM 6.1 rom..,v 5.0 it shows image file corrupted.,.,nd update stop at 3% and device restart.,.,so plzz help .,.me hw can i update my htc p3450 .,.,
    hey swiftblade, was using your old blue rom, then realised that other ppl using it too had problems with the phone turning off. Is there a new version of your ROM we could use.
    He you were online? 09.01? I hope everything is ok for you und you will come back to the board.
    Hello.. I have installed your blue elves v.5.0 on my device ^^, great one I should say. Now, I would like to install your WWE Diamond v7.5. Can I just installed it the way I installed blue elves?

    Thank you for your informations.
    hi there, just installed your rom for the touch diamond and i love it, thanks very much! But i can not download the windows live cab as i keep getting a message saying your bandwith has ran out, can you maybe point me in the direction of another download site? many namy thanks
    regarding your latest SwiftBL 7.0 rom:

    hey buddy can u tell me which pp version r u using on your diamond
    and can u please suggest me which pp version to install. I have low bandwidth connection i cannot download all versions to check which version is working fine
    hi swift,

    im really interested to use your v6 rom. just a concern which i hope u can help me with. its about warranty. if i need to send in my td for repair, i need to flash back to the original singtel rom right. what about the hard spl?


    rom the run very well. is not so good English, so my question: is there this rom on German?
    come from germany and my englich is not so good.

    Greeting Sven
    i have problem whit your rom :) pls call me on skype ajo_sony to help me fix a problem
    When i try to call ... icons on button dont hide and i dont see numbers 7 8 9 0
    heyllo Swiftblade, thought i wud stop by and say hi. how u doin man? busy watchin euro' eh. as said before, great rom's man. so wud u be releasing blue elves version 6 anytime soon. have some suggestions, like making a vanilla version lite or full when u release em' hehe. k cya man
    Hi Bro, I have an Elfin a month old. I had flashed it to BLUE ELVES ROM V5.0, and i really liked it until i realised that i was unable to receive any files over Bluetooth but i was able to send files. Other devices were able to see my phone and when they try to beam it used to say Failed. Had checked all possible settings. finally took it to the service center who told me that they need to hard re-set my phone.. They reinstalled the factory installed WM 6.0. After which i was able to receive the files over bluetooth. I want to flash it to BLUE ELVES ROM V5.0 but am little scared now. Any Suggetsions?
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