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    Post [ROM][4.1.2][STABLE] CyanogenMod 10 ♦ Josteink's Nightly Builds

    Eagerly awaiting download link. :D /edit: Downloading. :)
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    Post Post your Phone Home Screen **BE APPROPRIATE**

    Current setup. - Apex Launcher 6x5 - Google searchbar Jelly Bean style - Weather Eye - UCCW clock - Smooth Calendar - Minimal Reader - Slider Widget - Holo Icons
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    Post Wireless handset pro (SONY)

    Got it today with an excuse letter for the delay.
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    Post Wireless handset pro (SONY)

    I got the same letter about a month ago. It will take up to 10 weeks for delivery.
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    Post Xperia S Android 4.0 update... when its available?
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    Post Wireless handset pro (SONY)

    Bummer. :-(
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    Post Wireless handset pro (SONY)

    I got one for free with my T-Mobile deal. Shipping next week.
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    Post Android ICS the test | 3.1 to 4.0 | Benchmark test!

    5440 1st test and 5512 2nd test with AnTuTu. Coming from Revolver with dalvik and cache wiped. Satisfied. ICS really runs great. Can't wait for custom roms.
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    Post [Discontinued]Runnymede AIO V6.1.1 Special Edition with INT2SD support [Beta]

    It is really smooth and fast. Dutch brew! :)
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    Post [ROM][Cool3D Sense 3.0][18 Dec]Cool3D AceS v6 |BASE 3.12|GSM/CDMA|STOCK|CM7/r2

    After spending some time with other roms, i came back to Cool3D. It is still the best 3.0 rom for our Desire. I try to flash the Ultra smooth Rosie patch, but it doesn't work. Everything is still in 3D. It worked before. Flashed it with Dalvik wiped. Using Cool3D v4.
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    Post [ROM] Aurora v6 ★Special Edition★ [23th Feb]

    Fix permissions in Clockwork. Worked for me.
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    Post [ROM] PRIME! v2.1.1 | HC 3.2.1 | HTK75.prime_epad-2.1.0-20111105

    Clemsyn Blades v21 is great. V22 is laggy for me. Especially with flash on websites.
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    Post [ROM][Cool3D Sense 3.0][18 Dec]Cool3D AceS v6 |BASE 3.12|GSM/CDMA|STOCK|CM7/r2

    Working for me in v3. Tweaks is present in settings. Wipe cache and dalvik before flashing.
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    Post [ROM][Cool3D Sense 3.5]23 Mar]Cool3D RunnyMede v7 |BASE 1.27|GSM/CDMA|STOCK|CM7/r2

    How is the speed compared to CoolAceS 3D v3 and what is the issue with the lockscreen? I like to try the runny rom, but i'm very satisfied with CoolAceS 3D at the moment. It runs like a rocket.