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  • Hey ive been looking for an all in one M2D cab and it seems like yu have the best one. Ive seen pictures and they look great, but sadly every link i get online goes to a blue page in a different language than english with a couple links i was wondering if you can send me a new link or cab or something. I would really appriecate it thank you. By the way i need it for my omnia (i910) thank you so much.
    and this is not a font problem. I have full Hebrew support on my OS and manila!
    thanks in advance man ;)
    I just compiled it with SciTE and it compiled great :)
    the Letters in that bar changed, but it's still looking for English letters and doesn't search for Hebrew as i thought it will, any Idea where is the original letters are?
    Yes... checked the font manila is using (Helvetica Neue Roman), and it does only contain latin, greek and cyrillic characters. I think this is why hebrew and arabic locales were left out of manila (although there are references in the files for them). Swithc the font manila is using to another ttf font that has a more complete unicode support (arial unicode ms is fine, although it's an overkill, or try the DejaVu Sans fonts).
    but if it compiled fine, and the problem was only in manila, then it might be manila's fault. Does the font used by manila support Hebrew characters?

    Download letterpicker.lua. Unfortunately I don't know how ultraedit works. I usually use vim for text editing, but under Notepad++ for example there is an option called "Format -> UTF8 Without BOM". You have to use this option while editing the file. Next save the file. Be careful that you have to save in UTF-8 but without the BOM! After you have saved the file, use luac from luadec2.0 (luac -s filename). It should work fine. If this doesn't work, send me the files you have edited, and I'll try to compile them.
    This is what i tried to do:
    I downloaded "rhodium2_manila_wvga_src" and open the letterpicker.lua file in the src folder with UltraEdit.
    I tried to change the ABC to Hebrew letters but got only @$!#*^ instead of real letters - I assumed that it's the ASCII fault, so I tried to save it as UTF8 and as UTF16 - both failed to compile after the changes.
    What am I doing wrong? I just want that this 0e9373a8_manila file (letterpicker.lua) will have Hebrew letters and not the English one...
    thanks in advance :)
    I can't compile letterpicker.lua after replacing ABC to Hebrew letters. I changed it to Unicode before... what can I do?
    Replace it to:
    i've a problem! Everytime i try make a says that a HEX has a problem and quits. But i didn't even change code. and code seems to be pretty well ok!



    Prompt please as in Lua script it is possible to read a register key, for example
    HKEY_CURRENT_USER\System\State\Messages\sms\Unread. The second week I can not solve this question. In advance thanks.
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