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  1. szyoi

    Post [KERNEL] [Android 11] Dora kernel for OP7 series

    yep reinstalled it 3 times even. i also got some weird pop ups from play store and other apps telling me i dont have enough space. im not using sdcard_fs though im not sure thats what havoc os needs
  2. szyoi

    Post [KERNEL] [Android 11] Dora kernel for OP7 series

    welp that sucks. im using havoc os 061621
  3. szyoi

    Thread 90fps on custom roms?

    I recently switched to havoc OS and I noticed that all my games (and just games specifically) are running on 60fps/60hz or smth. Wild Rift even prevents me from running it at 90fps. Is there any plugin or smth I can do to fix this? Its bugging me and I never experienced this on stock.
  4. szyoi

    Post [KERNEL] [Android 11] Dora kernel for OP7 series

    does anyone else have an issue with wild rift on this kernel? after downloading it it just says the resource file is corrupted or smth.
  5. szyoi

    Post [ROM]-[23.07.20]-Havoc-OS-3.7-[10.0.0_r40]-[Official]

    has gaming felt weird for anyone? im on 20210616 and every game i have tried feels like its running at 60hz/60fps. its really unappealing coming from stock