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    Post GPRS Tweak for XDA I+II

    Excellent utility! All we need now is a patch which turns the phone radio off when holding the "on hook", just like Xda I does. Any takers?
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    Post another ReViEw: SE P900 versus ImAte/XDA2/Qtek2020

    Is there an English version of this review?
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    Post KDE Truefax not sending fax on Qtek2020

    It's been a long time since I used mobile fax (Nokia 2110i in fact!) You may want to try changing +CBST=7,0,0 to +CBST=7,1,0 or +CBST=0,1,0 The second digit ,1, denotes Synchronous mode. I cannot guarantee this will work but it is something to try out.
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    Post KDE Truefax not sending fax on Qtek2020

    Obvious question: do you have Facsimile Group 3 subscription on your SIM? Many carriers (including O2 UK) require you to subscribe. In the case of O2 you receive a secondary MSISDN in order to receive fax. Technically this is Synchronous, Transparent 9600bps, Group 3 Fax.
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    Post Mistaken XDAII delivery - should I use it?

    Regarding the note on finding property in the street: I once found a cheque book and saw that it belonged to a Doctor. Maybe it was a holiday weekend, but my logic suggested I should try to contact the owner directly (I think there was a phone number). Anyhow, I couldn't get hold of him, so took...
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    Thread Xda Developers homepage problem

    Since you introduced the new site, your homepage www.xda-developers.com cannot be rendered in WM2003 PIE (e.g. from Xda II!). I'm getting: "Template->make_filename(): Error - file does not exist" Any chance you can fix this? At least I can navigate the forums :-)
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    Post Is there an official O2 1.60 release?

    Please be patient - there will definitely be an O2 UK ROM upgrade for Xda II, it is just that there are still some outstanding bugs to be resolved. Obviously this is no consolation given that other networks have released theirs, but c'est la vie!
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    Post upgrade UK xdaII to which rom?

    A UK ROM update will be available soon. I'm not sure if this includes any SMS missing "+" fix, but it should address the Bluetooth COM/GPS issues.
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    Post Official update

    If you want to get rid of O2 Active, use a registry editor to make the Extended ROM visible and delete the offending files. From other threads I've noticed this may not always be possible. By the way, make sure you make copies of anything you delete (to SD card) before you do this!
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    Post xda keyboard on xda 2

    It should work if you uncheck "Receive all incoming beams". If not, you may require an updated Darfon keyboard driver. Search the forums for a similar thread where I have identified at least one version which works.
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    Post Stylus stuck, please help

    I used the handle end of a small artist's paint brush. The tapered, plastic shaft was just the right size to push into the stuck portion of the stylus. Obviously you'll need to hunt around for the right size, but most households will have something similar.
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    Post i have been offered the chance of an XDAII for £100

    £75 a month. Ouch! I would imagine that for most users you could get a cheaper deal over 12 months by paying a bit more up front. Then again what do I know - I'm fortunate enough to get my Xda II entirely free of contract as part of my job :P
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    Post Anyone Unlocked An XDA II Yet?

    Unlock codes will be unique to each Xda II IMEI. So, I very much doubt your code will work in any Xda. I'd imagine the Xda II will be much harder to unlock than Xda I :-)
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    Post XDA doesn't wake up after 4 weeks?

    How long did you leave it on charge for? I had the same problem and ended up leaving it to charge for a number of hours. I'd suggest leave it on charge overnight, then perform a hard reset. In my case I removed the SIM card and re-inserted it. This seemed to do the trick.
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    Post Connection Sound

    I have already raised this as an issue within O2. I am hoping that this will be resolved in a future build of PPC2003. Ditto for lack of ability to end an active connection.