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Recent content by Tahde

  1. Tahde

    Post Samsung internet adblock

    Disregard..... Edit: Read OPs post incorrectly.
  2. Tahde

    Post [Q&A] [Root] CFAutoRoot For SM-T807T/SM-T807P

    Ahh. Gotcha. Yeah, I went to the link from the other thread to check out firmware too. But after download I seen it was a very small file (24.7MB) lol. Now I know why. Not fully uploaded yet. Lol. Thanks! Sucks for recovery. But root right now is better than nothing. I'll root once firmware is...
  3. Tahde

    Post [Q&A] [Root] CFAutoRoot For SM-T807T/SM-T807P

    For those of you with root. What recovery are you guys using?
  4. Tahde

    Post [Root] CFAutoRoot For SM-T807T/SM-T807P + Firmwares

    Anyone have the firmware for the T807P? I see the T807T is up there, but think us Sprint users would need the correct firmware correct or we can run the TMo variant and be fine? Just want to confirm. If that is all we need. I'll go ahead with the process right now.
  5. Tahde

    Post Just broke my charging cradle

    Mines broke last night. Little clip as everyone elses. Took mines into Samsung repair cener here locally and they replaced no problem
  6. Tahde

    Post Rebate check

    Got my check earlier today.
  7. Tahde

    Post Rebate check

    Good deal. It came as a check. I was thinking it would be a visa gift card deal. Nonetheless, you got it
  8. Tahde

    Post Rebate check

    Ha. I was coming in to post the same thing. Great News! If you have previously received notification that your rebate has been approved, your Samsung rebate check is being process and will be received via USPS by Friday January 23rd, 2015. It will be delivered to the address you used while...
  9. Tahde

    Post Rebate check

    Got my approval on the same day, and nothing as well. I'm not surprised one bit. Lol
  10. Tahde

    Post [MOD] NK4 HotSpot Fix & Extended Boot Menu ODEXED

    Sorry about that townsenk. I flashed it on my S5 yesterday evening for the boot menu zip. Works like a champ as always. Thank you very much for what you do! Sent from my SM-N910P
  11. Tahde

    Post Does Sprint Gear S have a sim card

    That's what they did with me. Mines waived until Dec. 2015. Sent from my SM-N910P
  12. Tahde

    Post What does this mean inside Gear Manager - pic inside

    Mines does that. Its update notification. After update is installed, and you enter into that again. It should be gone. Sent from my SM-T807P
  13. Tahde

    Post How to root 4.4.4???

    No. My S5. Sent from my SM-T807P
  14. Tahde

    Post Emails & SMS Messages

    Im on my second. I got the revised one. Still halo effect. I just deal with it now. Sent from my SM-T807P
  15. Tahde

    Post Emails & SMS Messages

    Nice! Lol. Gear connected fine and able compose on that one right? I have the same Zagg shield on my Note 4. Sent from my SM-T807P