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  • hey taiseer i need the rom 1.81.415.4wwe, can u help me out pliz?, the link to rapid share does not work can you provide me a mirror?
    أخى الكريم تيسير
    لعلك شاهدت محادثتى أنا وأبومحمد مع seatone بخصوص طبخه لروم عربيه
    وقد طلب منى نسخى روم تحتوى على التعريب، وكما تعلم فإن الأخ رجال لديه روم عربيه قام قبل ذلك بطبخها للإيتين. فهل لك إتصال معه لكى يعطينا هذه الروم أو على الأقل ملفات التعريب التى يمكن إضافتها للروم. وجزاك الله خيراً

    أخوك حسام
    Nice to see you and your support to people here and at ce4arab
    Did you change ur Touch pro ?
    Salam Mr. Taiseer. I want to upgrade my orignal ROM to Dutty's or Miri's ROM, but I don't know which ROM Supports Arabic! I will be really grateful if you could help me.

    Thanks and regards
    You must be having a hardware problem since the problem occurs in any ROM, so its not ROM specific
    hi ya taiseer, im sherif and im from egypt, been following ur work thru here and ce4arab, just needed some help from your side, i have an htc touch hd and i flashed miri's rom but after i did something weird keeps happening, when i turn the screen off sometimes it wont come on even if i get a call or an sms, i re flashed the stock boot loader and a stock rom and still its doing the same, any advice, thanks for ur time
    hi there taiseer ..i just wanna say that your posts here and in the ce4arab.com forum helped me alot specially when i first bought my touch pro which is 1 week ago anyway..

    i used Dr.yar bluetooth manager as you recommended in your post in the ce4arab touch pro thread but everytime i turn on the device or softrest it i have to disable the touch flo 3d and go to the default today to click on the icon twice and press the start option ..is there another way to not only run the program on startup but also start it?

    or maybe another work around....please help with this .. it's really exhausting :S
    CE OS 5.2.19581 Build 19581.1.1.1
    Hi taisser,
    First of all thank for your work, really good mate.
    I am a adventure guy which is tryng to get something more from my own device.
    I am from about 2 months that i am looking arround the forum,but i cannot find anything which could be suitable for my device.
    I am saying immidiatly to you that is not a HTC,i bought in Chine when i was there for work.
    The phone have been i have got is building windows mobile 6,1 with the Rom you have wrote in one of your forum.
    My Phone models is Wt28, it has internal GPS,wifi, it0s working quiete well.
    You can find it as well in youtube, it's similar to e-ten/ Htc Polaris device and for this reason i am contacting you.
    I know that it's really difficult that any of the HTC rom will work with different device that are not HTC, but my question is shall i try it without trought on the been later on my device?
    YOur Rom seams really nice.
    Those other info :
    Processor:ARM920T SC32442X.
    I am actually using SPB shallmobile with HTC application on it, everything is fine, but get a rom which is working great, which doesn't have to be started all the time by windows mobile is a different think.

    Please let me know if i can do a copy of my ROM, trying to install a new one and if its not working come back to my original one.
    Please help me.
    Thanks in advance.
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