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  • 1 furry... 2 furry... e'gadz, 2 furry Android geeks. How wonderful :)

    This makes three!

    Just so I have this recorded where I can get to it easy...

    ok, to get the Nexus Boot Animation onto a ROM, you need to do the following (this is based on you having ADB running):

    1. Have a version of a ROM with the nexus boot animation
    2. Open up the ROM zip and look in /system/media and you will see the bootanimation.zip file
    3. Extract the bootanimation.zip file from the ROM zip, but DO NOT unpack the bootanimation.zip file itself.
    4. Use the following command:

    adb push bootanimation.zip /data/local/bootanimation.zip

    5. Reboot your phone and Poof, it's there.
    Sorry for the long reply, holiday!! XD Anyhow, I am from Seattle, WA, you? You have a good x-mas?
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