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    Post [GCAM] [MOD] UltraCam v8 [12.02.2021 update]

    Hi, I have the Moto One Zoom, and I could use pretty mucho everything, except the principal camera... :/ Should I try other versions of the app, or isn't there a solution for me? Video working Slow motion working Wide lens working Telephoto lens working Problems are just principal camera and...
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    Thread Clean Guide [easy] to flash Custom ROM on Moto G6 Play [aljeter XT1922-4] (w/Magisk)?

    I have been around many threads, forums and videos, but I really feel confused to flash my Moto G6 w/ a custom ROM. I have seen that I could install custom roms with android 8, 9 and also 10. The thing is, that information feels to be spreaded in pieces and makes it very confusing. 1. I know of...
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    Thread [APP][GCAM] Moto G6 Play Google Camera APK working?

    Is there some updated gcam APK Port working on Moto G6 Play...? I wish I could use the Night Mode ✨
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    Post [guide] [root] [oreo&pie] [jeter/aljeter] [twrp, decrypt, magisk] [stock firmware]

    Maybe not the darkest day of my life. I tried to install the October security patch, I think It was all working perfectly fine with the August security patch. I get an error reflashing in the following stock roms, my signal is dead...
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    Post [guide] [root] [oreo&pie] [jeter/aljeter] [twrp, decrypt, magisk] [stock firmware]

    "All I have are negative thoughts. :( Need help with my aljeter xt1922-4 32Gb P4. In my software channel shows: "amxmx" After all the process in this guide: I get this weird bootloop that shows some numbers and letters above the screen. "80012A99-867FDA48-4E357816-0E549F..." kind of stuff...