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    Post 7.0-N Stock ROM F3111 Modded : Android One meets Sony XA

    thank you. but i did exactly the same several times. but it had no effect. but now i am happy. xflasher did the job. :-) back on original 6.0
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    Post 7.0-N Stock ROM F3111 Modded : Android One meets Sony XA

    ok, more details from me. i can not end a phone call. no red button. last days i always had to restart the phone to stop an active call. no radio app resists this xxxxxxx energy saving option. 5 minutes and every radio stops playing. thank you so much, i will try xflasher :)
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    Post 7.0-N Stock ROM F3111 Modded : Android One meets Sony XA

    hi there. i flashed this rom but some features are killing my nerves. now i try to go back to stock, but i cant find the right way. newflasher dont recognize the device and flashtool want a flash script. can anyone help me please to do it right?
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    Post [ROM][STOCK][XZP][47.2.A.10.107] eXistenZ Pie | v10.0.0 | 16/10/19

    someone delete my threads about that garbage software. fu ck you admin.
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    Post [ROM][STOCK][XZP][47.2.A.10.107] eXistenZ Pie | v10.0.0 | 16/10/19

    flashed now for 3 times 1. flashed G8141_Customized DE_1308-5289_47.2.A.10.80_R6C (no Boot) 2. flashed TWRP 3.3.1-0 3. flashed Magisk 19.3 via TWRP 4. fully booted 5. wiped cache, data, dalvik (at this point i get message that data is unmountable???) 6. flashed eXistenZ Pie v8.0.0 47.2.A.10.80...
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    Post Xz premium .145 TWRP+root+from fix

    Did someone test it and can give me a feedback? I'm a little afraid to brick my mobile^^
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    Post Kali Nethunter For MediaTek Device

    Hi there. so happy that my tablet has a finally use^^ Device: Lenovo TAB 2 A7-10F Kernel Version: 3.10.54+ Android: 5.0 [ROM][DEBLOATED][ROOT] Stock Lollipop 5.0 Debloated Rom ( pix106 ) Many many thx
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    Post [KERNEL] [G800F/M/Y] Spookcity_Kernel-N (For all 7.x custom ROMS)

    any support for usb mouse? i really need for my emulators
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    Post [ROM][G800F/M/Y][7.1.2]RESURRECTION REMIX N 5.8.5][unofficial][kminilte[04.11.17]

    i am looking hard for otg support (emulators) does this kernel support otg?
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    Post [ROM][G800F/M/Y][7.1.2][UNOFFICIAL] AospExtended ROM V4.6 [OMS/DUI] FINAL RELEASE

    i had problems with the rom before. nethunter didnt find su binaries. any tip for that or does it work on this magisk version? EDIT ok nethunter wants busybox in /system/xbin/busybox/ but the most paths from installers install by default in : system/xbin/ i changed the path of busybox to...
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    Post Kali NetHunter for the Galaxy S5 (3.1.0)

    will this run on sm-g800f too?
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    Post [MOD][ICS]Increase internal memory [Updated][Fixed bootloops, Tested, Working 100%]

    wow, devhost has still problems. does anyone have this zip please?