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    Post T-Mobile Anyone Unable To Access Certain Websites

    Yes, before I had a 5G phone, my 4G LTE here was frequently band 71 and was also fast. I was thinking, you could try connecting one of your phones to a PC and adb shell to the device. You should then be able to try some command line DNS and/or TCP connections, narrowing down what is happening.
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    Post [RECOVERY][TB-X606F/TB-X606FA][UNOFFICIAL] TWRP 3.5.x for Lenovo Tab M10 FHD Plus

    Mike, Awesome job on your TWRP and on the concise, working installation instructions !! I just picked up this tablet and I find it to be a very well built and functional tablet at a VERY good price point !! The biggest issues I had were: 1. Getting Windows to recognize the tablet in bootloader...
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    Post Do custom ROMs improve performance?

    @imacleod, Based on the views and comments I see for custom ROMs for your tablet, this ROM: appears to be the best choice for improving your tablet's performance. If you are serious about installing it, check...
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    Post T-Mobile Anyone Unable To Access Certain Websites

    Unfortunately, @stevecast2024 indicates he is seeing this issue on nearly 1000 devices of varying brands and android versions. That certainly doesn't sound like a defective phone
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    Post T-Mobile Anyone Unable To Access Certain Websites

    My phone has Android 11 and does not have issues with any of these sites. I wonder if it might have something to do with the 5G network upgrades in your area. Maybe a glitch was introduced in your area when the network was upgraded
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    Post T-Mobile Anyone Unable To Access Certain Websites

    OK @stevecast2024, I have tried each of these 4 sites on: 1. A Windows 10 desktop using Chrome and connected using GB wired ethernet to a Cox cable modem. and 2. A T-Mobile branded OnePlus 8T (unrooted, bootloader locked) using Chrome and connected solely thru a T-Mobile 5G connection. Note...
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    Post T-Mobile Anyone Unable To Access Certain Websites

    @stevecast2024, Steve, I am on T-Mobile as well. Could you give me some specific sites you are having issues with ? I would be happy to see if I am having similar issues on these sites. Thanks my friend.
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    Thread Hi, I'm TecKnight. I have been an RC for a couple of years now

    I am pretty technical and have a lot of experience with android devices of all types. I have a habit of posting detailed tutorials, so those with less knowledge can feel comfortable doing cool things to their devices. My real name is Randy King and I live in Las Vegas. I have pretty much been a...
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    Post I keep on having no luck with trying to root the device (unlock the bootloader)

    @cameronelderly Go to Windows device manager, expand the universal serial devices to show the Nexus 6P, then click on the Nexus 6P, select the details tab, then the Hardware IDs property. Then right click and copy the top row in Value, then paste the results into a new post on this thread.
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    Post T-Mobile bootloader unlock.

    This thread requires that your bootloader be already unlocked
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    Post T-Mobile bootloader unlock.

    Note that a full unlock using the settings as mentioned above requires your phone be free from any contractual obligations.
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    Post T-Mobile bootloader unlock.

    It's important to note that the quoted @magnefica post was made on December 27th. Haven't seen a magnefica post since then.
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    Post Samsung S7edge SM935F Combination file

    This has a bunch of ENG BOOT files for the S7 and S7 Edge: Not sure if it has what you need.
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    Post Lack of free themes

    Try this site: It appears to have several free themes. I assume you have the LG World app on your phone. Good luck my friend
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    Post unlock bootloader

    Unfortunately, Huawei stopped giving bootloader unlock codes on 5/25/2018 Without said code, it is not possible to unlock the bootloader, unfortunately. This is the reason Huawei gave for the change: In order to deliver the best user experience and prevent users from experiencing possible...