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  1. TehPsychedelic

    Thread Question Pen on Custom ROMs?

    Do you guys think it will be possible to support the pen on custom ROMs? How does that work normally, is it some drivers that need to be installed, or would functionality be at a very low level such that with custom ROMs it wouldn't be possible or...? By custom ROMs I mean Pixel Experience etc...
  2. TehPsychedelic

    Post [ROM][SM-T500] Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 10.4 (2020) - LineageOS 18.1

    Sounds good thanks for the extra details. I should stick with 2 yeah.
  3. TehPsychedelic

    Post [ROM][SM-T500] Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 10.4 (2020) - LineageOS 18.1

    Thank you, I will both later. So Magisk basically, using the "unsupported" method (I had to use it for another phone as well recently), sounds good. The AP OG Samsung firmware is 4GB, cannot imagine what patching that and applying on LoS would do.
  4. TehPsychedelic

    Post [ROM][SM-T500] Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 10.4 (2020) - LineageOS 18.1

    1. How do I enable developer options on this ROM? I don't see it anywhere (and no, tapping on the usual build number etc doesn't do anything, except for google/LoS easter eggs). 2. How do you guys install Magisk? I see everybody just casually mentioning it as it's not a big deal but there's...
  5. TehPsychedelic

    Post [APP][ROOT][4.0+]Battery Charge Limit v1.1.1

    Thank you. I will configure the resume properly now then (previously 83%, will set it to 20%). Do you know if this app works on Android 11 still? I had it configured 85% / 83%, left it charging (around 20%) and when I came back it was at 100%.
  6. TehPsychedelic

    Post [APP][ROOT][4.0+]Battery Charge Limit v1.1.1

    I don't understand usage. If say I wanted to charge at 20% and only go up to 85%, what does into "Limit charging to" and what goes into "Recharge bellow".
  7. TehPsychedelic

    Post Development [ROM] [OFFICIAL] ArrowOS 11.0 [android-11.0][vayu/bhima]

    Thanks, was able to flash and then wipe Dalvik/Cache and working fine. I did have to re-flash Magisk afterwards of course and reconfigure a couple things about MicroG so I don't see myself doing this every other day. Question would be, how do we know when it is ok to dirty flash an update and...
  8. TehPsychedelic

    Post Development [ROM] [OFFICIAL] ArrowOS 11.0 [android-11.0][vayu/bhima]

    Could you please explain what you guys mean by "OTA through TWRP"? OTA means Over the Air, meaning I would go to Settings, then System, then Updates, then Download and Install from there. If you download the "OTA" update, that, from which I'm seeing is exactly the same as the regular download...
  9. TehPsychedelic

    Post Development [ROM] [OFFICIAL] ArrowOS 11.0 [android-11.0][vayu/bhima]

    On a clean install of vanilla rom, NanoDroid-systest gives me this output com.android.hotwordenrollment.okgoogle 10171 0 /data/user/0/com.android.hotwordenrollment.okgoogle platform:privapp:targetSdkVersion=29 none 0 30 com.android.hotwordenrollment.xgoogle 10173 0...
  10. TehPsychedelic

    Post [Guide][SM-T500/T505] Galaxy Tab A7 10.4 - Unlock Bootloader & Root with Magisk

    What is your blog? I tried to find it via your xda profile, github, etc but didn't find it. I'm also interested in how to debloat this tablet, seeing as we may never get custom roms for it anyway.
  11. TehPsychedelic

    Post [ROM][11][OFFICIAL] Pixel Extended ROM [2020/11/22] [DISCONTINUED]

    Any easy way to get this without GAPPS (for a "de-googled" phone experience)?
  12. TehPsychedelic

    Post [Module][P/Q/R][] QuickSwitch - Universal Quickstep Switcher

    Hi @Skittles9823 Since you're the boss on this topic, let me ask you in light of this announcement from Nova on their discord. Why do they insist this is google's fault and not theirs to support gestures (and QuickSwitch for that matter). (And since you told me once last year or in 2019 on this...
  13. TehPsychedelic

    Post GSI for 11 - Vendor vs Firmware (Redmi Note 7 Lavender)

    Thank you. Did you only use the vendor from that particular ROM, or did you install that ROM itself. Currently debating if I wanna install GSI or a "proper" ROM. In any case I'm trying to de-google this phone (softly not hardcore), so GSI is interesting since I can install a de-googled version...
  14. TehPsychedelic

    Thread GSI for 11 - Vendor vs Firmware (Redmi Note 7 Lavender)

    Hello, So I'm about to try my luck with a GSI 11 image, however, the tutorial on phhusson's experimentation repo is a bit outdated (Android 9). I'm coming from a custom Android-10-based ROM. So I'm wondering two things: 1. Do I need to flash vendor or firmware right before flashing the new...
  15. TehPsychedelic

    Post [ROM][11][lavender] Pixel Experience [OFFICIAL][AOSP]

    Same here, with MagiskHide Props module I was able to enter Redmi Note 7 fingerprint and now CST passes ok. I disabled the recommended Coral Props module first though.