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Recent content by teknomanelvis

  1. teknomanelvis

    Thread Notification icon help identify

    My sister has no clue what this notification is. She said its not showing any info. She doesnt live near me so i cant look for myself. it looks like an m'.
  2. teknomanelvis

    Thread Notification icon indentify

    I am trying to figure this out for my sister, its the one that looks like m' im the notifications.
  3. teknomanelvis

    Thread Help with identifying a notification icon

    I am trying to figure this out for my sister, its the one that looks like m' im the notifications.
  4. teknomanelvis

    Thread Android Sync 3 mod help

    So i purchased this unit that connects to ford sync 3 and it switches the acreen from the sync os to android by pressimg back on the steering wheel. Its running 4.4.4 and for some reason cant gey tbe gps unig to work. i could probably get a replacement unit or try a usb gps unit see if thatll...
  5. teknomanelvis

    Post T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Pre-Order-Waiting-Shipping Room

    ETA 9/4 they should be arriving. Verizon and sprint users have shipped and will be arriving 9/4 http://phandroid.com/2017/09/02/samsung-galaxy-note-8-shipping/
  6. teknomanelvis

    Post Are you going to buy?

    what is this emperor version i heard about. more ram and storage? are all exynos variants rootable? i want to buy one outright.
  7. teknomanelvis

    Post [Q] Android Tablet as bluetooth headset?

    for those still interested this method does work. Only issue is what i was expecting, the headset doesnt output enough power when bridged to car speaker so volume is kind of low. I will try to find a small amplifier of some kind.
  8. teknomanelvis

    Thread Cases causing poor connections?

    So I just purchased a new case and just like my other case, as soon as I put it on my connection drops from lte to just 4g. Is anyone else having this issue with any cases?
  9. teknomanelvis

    Post [Q] Android Tablet as bluetooth headset?

    As im sure everyone is aware, unless you are using an android double din which I will never get again because of the quality , its almost impossible to route your Bluetooth calls through your tablet or anything else unless using a Bluetooth mono earpiece. So this just hit me, while it may not...
  10. teknomanelvis

    Post S8+ Luxury case beware

  11. teknomanelvis

    Thread S8+ Luxury case beware

    I purchased the Luxury case from ebay and I absolutely love the look of it, however I noticed when it was on my data coverage would drop from lte to just 4g. As soon as I removed the case it went back to LTE. Location did not play a factor as I was at work and always have LTE coverage, I tried...