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    Post Update Unlocked, rooted, 2017 16GB on 7.2.3 Developer image to 8.X?

    yeah apply update via ota, than flash latest magisk.
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    Post is there a way to root 5. 2. 6. 3 or install the twrp Recovery?

    first time root is only possible with a version up to if you have rooted on this version you can install twrp and newer pre-rooted firmware. no way to install twrp to root after
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    Post Firestick at 2900 or ChromeCast 2 1800 ? Which would be better choice ?

    what about a miracast dongle? cheap and you can stream from win10 and android devices but back to your question. chromecast is not as good as a miracast dongle (both are just able to stream. chromecast you´ll need internet, miracast you won´t). firetvstick should fit the most of your needs but...
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    Post [ROM] ► [8.1.0_r43] ► [mako] ► Nitrogen OS Oreo ► Substratum ► (07.August.2018)

    heads up is working on latest build, for led read the last pages. there is no led without external apps ;) nitin big thanks for all your work for mako, i really love how you made mira cast working on all your builds/roms. this is one point next to all the modifications, why i only use your roms...
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    Post [ROM] ► [8.1.0_r43] ► [mako] ► Nitrogen OS Oreo ► Substratum ► (07.August.2018)

    i am sorry, i guess i used the wrong keyword in search. thanks for help. question answered :) so led was the only bug i found. (i dont know if quick setiings panel is a bug, but tiles per columns 7 in portait and 9 in landscape without title, only works when i full expand statusbar. ) thanks...
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    Post [ROM][unOFFICIAL][8.1.0]CypherOS 6.0.0 Parfait [MAKO][08 Jun 2017]

    edit: i noticed, device is getting hot in normal use. but this is so far the only 8.1 rom where mira cast is working flawless. good job, maybe helps to improve on other rom.
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    Post N8000 PIT File - How to save your PIT file

    here you go edit: its from n8000 3g+wifi 32gb on stock 4.1.2
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    Post WiFi problem on n8000 stock 4.4.2

    maybe you should try the whole procedure via odin again and if you want a modded rom, i made a guide:
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    Post N8000 Stock Rooted Busybox Deodexed XXCMI2 (05/2014) ★★ working on 4.4.2 Update ★★

    hey dudes, if you want to mod your samsung stock kitkat rom with init.d, busybox, root and some more things, there are many ways. flash kitkat stock rom via odin flash custom recovery via odin...
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    Post WiFi problem on n8000 stock 4.4.2

    i had the same issue, just flash the bootloader again in custom recovery edit: or try this:go to dialpad and call *#0011#; than tap menu, hit wifi and turn "wifi power save mode" off
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    Post [N8000][ROM 4.4.2 Samsung offcial not final] So I herd u lieke kitekats?

    anyone interessted in deodexed files for n8000 without any fc´s? flash files from op via odin and than this in custom recovery. (nothing else as the odexed files will be touched.) have fun! edit: i made a guide "how to get your own modded kitkat rom" here...
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    Post [KITCHEN] dsixda's Android Kitchen - Now supports Galaxy S Plus (Windows/Linux/Mac)

    just try another firmware. loos like yours is incomplete. the framework folder is missing. and i would prefer mobile odin or adb shell instead of the kitchen.
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    Post [HOWTO] Add Languages To Samsung Keyboard / Port Swype

    if you dont have these lines, just copy and paste. and edit the parts which are needed to add the new language. the tutorial works if you doing it step by step. good luck
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    Post [ROM][KQB][cwm-aroma][18 SEP][final proper] GIGABREAD+

    AW: [ROM][KQB][cwm-aroma][18 SEP][final proper] GIGABREAD+ thank you. i don't know what i should do in further development and i haven't got enough time. sorry. i am also sad about that.