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    Post [AROMA] [ADDON] [UPDATE :- 14.12.2015] Add Ons Pack eXistenZ Premium v6.3.5 (v1)

    Can anyone please upload the link of the Aroma again, I can not find it anywhere thank you a lot
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    Post [Magisk] [EMUI 8.0] Root Honor View 10, Mate 10 (Pro) (Huawei Treble Devices)

    Sorry for any silli question but i dont understand 2 passages: currently in a rooted mi 10 pro bla-09 8.00128 rooted with supersu with FMtool . (but second time i have casually rebooted and i get stucked in bootloap without no reason. and i had to fastboot flash all - othertimes it works...
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    Post Help ! Can't boot, No recovery/twr, Fastboot ok

    Sorry dear, what must it be the firmware of the BLA-L09 ? i should choose the 8.0 or also the c55 ? i see some would that be okey ? thank you
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    Post ''this divice has been unlocked and cant be trusted'' how to get rid of it ?

    thank you mate, i thought it was only me having it
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    Thread ''this divice has been unlocked and cant be trusted'' how to get rid of it ?

    so every time i turn off and on , i get this message telling about my unlocked bootloader. (phone is rooted) What should i do to make the phone turn on and off without showing this message ? Your device has been unlocked and can't be trusted. To learnmore, visit: .......... ...
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    Thread Please, What is the name of the service for this apps ?

    I have a mate 10 pro rooted and i need to freeze this services for the following apps : can someone tell me wich they are , i cant find them on Titanium backup Factory reset ? Twin apps File safe thank you
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    Thread Mate 10 pro BLA-L09 Should i root with FHMate10Tool.exe or TWRP and magisc?

    Hi all, i successfully unlocked my new mate 10 pro, used the DC-unlocker app buying 4 credits to get the bootloader code and than following the guite on XDA to unlock. All worked. NOW i need to root. I tried to root with the FHMate10Tool.exe and it worked but i forgot to disable the OTA...
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    Thread Complete root and wich rom is the most complete and stable ?

    hi all, i need to buy a Note 7 (international) can you please advice me what is the most safest model to root and the difference between them ? and what is the root method i should be using ? WILL the updates be available after root ar i will not receive system updates or ota if i put a costum...
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    Post RomAur-v1.3- [03/07] - [8.1_JUNE_B131]-[P20_PRO]-FAST-STABLE

    Is there a definitive guide to unlock bootloader on huawei p20 pro? I need to root it as well, so any guide I can follow step by step to root it correctly. What is the best rom to put after that? Will the Ota updates be available automatically ? Becuse I just don't want any update, I want...
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    Thread Is the P30 rootable ?

    Hi , i need to buy a phone and i am checking if the Huawei P30 can be unlocked and rooted , is there any complete guide ? is there a Rom i need to flash or can be rooted on the emiui itself ? i dont mind having android 9, and i dont care about the updates. (i dont want the phone to update)...
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    Post Please, help I need to solve before tomorrow. Rom, ota and Google security

    I did disabled the option n on developer and yet the update of Google security of August is showing up. I also tried to rename the update service inside the system /etc Any other suggestion? Any guide to mount twrp? Otherwise how can I flash a costum rom? My phone is rooted with magisc. And...
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    Post [GUIDE] [ROOT] [MAGISK] How to Root Mi A3 with MAGISK without TWRP

    i could not follow the guide previously as it is hard for me. well the update i need to do it hard , flashing it manually is not a problem i just dont want to be installed from the ota or from the system update from the regular user.
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    Post [GUIDE] [ROOT] [MAGISK] How to Root Mi A3 with MAGISK without TWRP

    i dont know what i did, i just fastbooted and factory reseted. than i just know that bootloader is unlocked. on youtube i found a file with ''root'' and it did rooted the device. checked it with rootcheck. the problem is that there is an update ''5 may'' (security update) that is available...
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    Post [GUIDE] [ROOT] [MAGISK] How to Root Mi A3 with MAGISK without TWRP

    thank you dear, i flashed the twrp img on the slot b than when entered the recovery twrp i flashed the twrp zip (mounting the system, data, metadata and preset) and now the phone keeps rebooting on twrp logo without opening anything. any suggestion please ?i have been trying all night...
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    Post [ROM][10][OFFICIAL] crDroid 6.13

    I REALLY need the system to not be updated or receive any ota update. can i do it with this rom ? If so how ? i still have to root my phone but i am thinking to add this rom from what i read is very stable and good for battery. does the rom also has a built in security ?