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    Post [ROM][CFW][10.0.0] PixysOS v3.1.2 - begonia/begoniain [OFFICIAL][UPDATED Aug 29]

    Hell Yeah ---------- Post added at 01:37 PM ---------- Previous post was at 01:37 PM ---------- Thanks dev;)
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    Post [KERNEL] UnicornHorn Kernel [begonia][AOSP][MIUI]

    No, currently it only supports custom AOSPs, read the thread carefully
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    Post what is different between global and indenosia rom?

    hi, i used to have the eu rom, but just week ago, in installed the Indonesian rom because of the default xiaomis dialer and messages apps, it is an amazing rom because it has all languages and gapps included , it is like eu rom with xiaomis call recorder, dialer and messages apps, i installed it...
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    Post [ROM][CFW][10][begonia] Pixel Experience [OFFICIAL][AOSP]

    Pixel + Stock = PixelExperience ---------- Post added at 03:32 PM ---------- Previous post was at 03:12 PM ---------- if u dont want to appreciate what the devs did then dont use their work ---------- Post added at 03:34 PM ---------- Previous post was at 03:32 PM ---------- My friend...
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    Post Accidentally flashed to invalid file! Bricked phone! Help!

    search in this RN8P thread some people got succeed after draining the battery
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    Post [GUIDE] [begonia/begoniain] How to UNBRICK when stuck on preloader mode

    Xiaomi must disable this auth account, why do they want to make our Life worse?
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    Post [HUAWEI] Android Q GSI

    Thermonuclear wars??? anyway thank you for the infos