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    Thread My phone is getting off after the update

    I update my phone to latest Android 10 update and suddenly it started getting off. Specifically during charging. I am out of warranty so anyone here who can fix this issue
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    Post [ZS630KL][WW] FOTA update links (new update 31 May 2021)

    My phone is getting switch off after this update. Anyone here can help me out of this ??
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    Post [9.0] [PORT] ColorOS 6.0 GSI [A-A/B]

    Did anyone try this on moto z2 play or if anyone can help me then plz help me
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    Post [11][OFFICIAL] Havoc-OS 4.1 [ARM64/ARM/A64][A/AB/AB-VNDKLITE][GApps/Vanilla]

    Storage not working on my moto z2 play . Can anyone help me plz
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    Post [8.1][sGSI]MIUI10 for Project Treble

    Did anyone tried on moto z2 play
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    Post [Pie][OEM-GSI][A/AB][arm64] Erfan GSI Ports

    Not working Sir non of your GSI works on my Moto z2 play . Pls help me to get oxygen os or miui. Thank you
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    Thread Gsis

    Did anyone try oxygen os , miui or coloros GSI on Moto z2 play ?? If yes pls share link and process. Thanks in advance
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    Post [Pie][OEM-GSI][A/AB][arm64] Erfan GSI Ports

    Miui on moto z2 play?? Did anyone tried miui on moto z2 play ?? Plz share the links and process.
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    Post ROM GSI ANDROID Q BETA 5 Moto Z2 Play

    Miui Is the miui rom in link is for moto z2 play