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    Post [ROM][OREO-PIE][H81x] ResurrectionRemix 6.2.1/7.0.2 [UNOFFICIAL]

    If you flash a non-UsU ROM, you must flash the baseband-UsU for your device also. That's all. No bootloop or brick.
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    Post [ROM][OREO-PIE][H81x] ResurrectionRemix 6.2.1/7.0.2 [UNOFFICIAL]

    why SuperSU? :/ I recommend you use Magisk instead. It's much better! ps: thanks for test :) I don't think so. I use 'Mi Remote' from Play Store and works for my home devices at least.
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    Post [ROM][OREO-PIE][H81x] ResurrectionRemix 6.2.1/7.0.2 [UNOFFICIAL]

    device model? logcat? I'm uploading a new build for all H81x, pls test it. BT is working in my H815 UsU'd using that last build btw EDIT: Already uploaded :) report me back if BT works now
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    Post [ROM][S905W] atvXperience - The Ultimate AndroidTV experience!

    Excellent ROM! :D Installed on my X96 Box. I love it. I had some problems using my daily apps, like; Movistar Play (that's to streamming some channels from my tv), it was detecting the root, even if I disabled it and I wasn't be able to play anything... So * I rebooted into TWRP * I erased...
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    Post [ROM][UNOFFICIAL][P][F500,LS991,H81x,US991,VS986] LineageOS 16.0

    ok, bro. Well, as I said, I tried with all Pie ROMs even your LOS (latest of course)... but I've found a "fix" for now. I've created a file called "bdaddr" in /data/misc/bluetooth, and I putted my BT address (taken from Oreo) inside and then I enabled BT... no crash anymore :) It seems be a...
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    Post [ROM][UNOFFICIAL][P][F500,LS991,H81x,US991,VS986] LineageOS 16.0

    Hi steadfasterX... I've an issue with BT, it's crashing all the time. I've tried already all Pie available roms and no change. :( It's seems no generating an BT address. *My device: H815p UsU'd LOG (Taken from AEX): ps: on Oreo its works perfectly. Thanks.
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    Post Can't boot into bootloader or fastboot. Phone restarts.

    did you enable "OEM unlocking" option from the 'developer options'?
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    Post Lg G4 shows wrong model number

    Every motherboard from any H815x model shows "H815" even if on settings shows H815TR, H815P, H815AR, etc. So there is nothing to fix... and if you want, you can Unlock the Bootloader following the steadfasterX's guide for every H815x. ( Sent it from a UsU'd H815P ;) )
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    Post I've bricked my G4 trying to flash kdz by LGUP

    if you're ready with all stuff about DLL, then you should to flash the kdz using "upgrade" option on LGUP to be able to select "kdz" files and before start, change the flash option to "refurbish", so now you can start flashing!
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    Post [ROM][OREO-PIE][H81x] ResurrectionRemix 6.2.1/7.0.2 [UNOFFICIAL]

    hm well, without logcat or at least your device model, I/we can't do anything. :rolleyes: anyway, it's weird... because, I'm using this ROM, a friend have tested on the H811 and there's no bug (without considering the already known ones).
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    Post [ROM][OREO-PIE][H81x] ResurrectionRemix 6.2.1/7.0.2 [UNOFFICIAL]

    For me it's working perfectly, the brightness change depending on the amount of light in the room (in my case). Well, in your case; Consider flash again but following the recommended way -> wipe system, (advance) data, dalvik & cache. Then try once again and tell me if works now for you.
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    Post ILAPO Big core disable 0x2000 unsecure image error

    maybe your dll is not the correct one. Try with this one and let me know if that works