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  • HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\OEM\PhoneSetting\BandT ype
    ItemCount REG_DWORD 5
    ItemName1 REG_SZ Auto
    ItemName2 REG_SZ GSM(900+1800)+UMTS(2100)
    ItemName3 REG_SZ GSM(1900)+UMTS(850)
    ItemName4 REG_SZ GSM(900+1800)+UMTS(850+2100)
    ItemName5 REG_SZ GSM(900+1800)+UMTS(850)
    ItemValue1 REG_DWORD 0
    ItemValue2 REG_DWORD 1
    ItemValue3 REG_DWORD 2
    ItemValue4 REG_DWORD 4
    ItemValue5 REG_DWORD 5

    I'm building a ROM for the Diamond thanks to your ROM making me think about it as the Diamond needs developers but I keep getting the Tap to start HTC Sense error with Sense 2.5 2012 and WM build 28217 and I really need to fix this annoying error. I know you can fix it by disabling Sense then restarting and reenabling it but I want to make it work properly. chrisd1a1 said you knew how to do it so could you please tell me how?

    Thanks in advance. :D

    P.S. How close are you to getting another Diamond?
    Hey Scotsman,

    I've been using donsalari sense 2.5 (ver 7 re-release) for a few weeks now, and I like it. Its mush nicer than WM6.1. It has a few small probs.

    From what I read here, your rom is faster, and more stable, and needs less CAB's to fix stuff.

    I know you used this (Donsalari) rom to. Would you say I am correct in assuming that your rom would be better at this stage?

    OK, thanx. Now I understand what u meant.
    Thanx again.

    BTW, is there a way to disable the answer keys of my diamond. I keep pressing the buttons when I take it out of my pouch. Adv Config dont do it.
    Hi Scotsman/Aussie.
    The other day u helped me on creating a shortcut for my contacts. Ur words were:

    Try using the "Search Phone" in Start menu > System. you can choose to just search for contacts.

    And you can add a shortcut to this in the main page under the clock :cool:


    Just make a shortcut to the old style Contacts list (Start menu > System > Contacts) and use the search bar at the top of this.

    Can u plz help me with this. I never tried this. Dont know how. Or is there a thread u can refer me to. Regards Mickey
    Hi Scotsman
    Just want to say that you have a wonderful Avatar image... Who is she?
    Sorry for being totally OffTopic...
    Hi Sir... My friend sends me a HTC P3720 diamond, I just want to ask if I can do ROM upgrade using HTC Touch Diamond ROM update (2009)_SEA? thanks
    Hey mate, good to see some aussies using WinMo HTc more n more. will be launched 3Q of '09 for Australasian Users Forum. check it, we need Mods 'n helpers. PM me if interested mate. cheers
    Hi, I thought I would contact you as your a Telstra customer and appear to have the same hardware as me. I need your advice regarding windows 6.5, I have tried the latest Hikari Rom as my first go with 6.5 and then installed a new radio rom (1.11 series) but it was a very buggy installation and kept locking up all the time. I really liked the look & feel of 6.5 but it just didn't work very well for me. Can you advise which 6.5 rom & which radio rom you think are the best combination to use on the Telstra network.
    Hi need your help on UDK ROM, I having problem on this ROM on the WIFI, WIFI connected but RSS, GPS and Weather connection error prompt, Will it be the Radio or else, need your help cause UDK never answer me and from the post think a lot of ppl also facing connection error. I like this ROM more then others just need to solve the WIFI and bluetooth problem. Thanks in advance.
    Resco keyboard 5.01

    excuse me,please, im having a big pr0blem hope you could help,me, im knda bothered bec0z all keygen that iv got for my r.Keyboard d0nt work here in the philipines,hor i juzt cant get it ryt? Ahm is it ok if i.Ll the key from y0u? Device name:myxXx i hope you could help, im dying for it plz,
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