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    Thread Programmer Firehose

    Hello! Today, i kinda screwed my Redmi 8, and i need an authorized Mi Account, which i don't have and i don't want to pay, but i saw some people replace the prog_emmc_firehose.mbn with a modified one, and the authentication windows doesn't appear anymore. My question and kind request is: does...
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    Post Xiaomi A1 Hard Bricked: QFIL gives ERROR: 1. Too many XML files in XMLStringTable

    Hey! My tips for you are: 1. Install the latest Qualcomm Drivers(you can find tutorials on the internet): 2. Download the latest ROM,why do you want to install Android 7.1?Install the Android 9.Here's the...
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    Thread Long files

    Hello! I have 2 questions: 1. How can I edit the libraries of camera sensors that are in .so format?In other words,how can I edit .so files? 2. Is there another method to capture long exposure photos on Mi A1?I prefer more than 1 second exposure. Thank you!
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    Thread 1080P 60FPS video

    Hello! I saw some threads where some Magisk modules were attached.They promised stable 60fps video.I saw some people that found that useful and workingBut,in my case,it doesn't work.Can you tell me another way to add 60fps video?Maybe by modifying media_profiles.xml.
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    Thread Portrait Mode Custom ROM

    Hello! I saw some videos on YouTube in which some people just flashed a zip and they had the stock portrait mode on Custom ROMs.I tried that method,but is not working.Do you have any other methods that worked for you?
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    Thread Astrophotography

    Hello! I have a Mi A1 device with Lineage OS 16.0.I installed many versions of Google Camera 7 that have Astrophotography feature,but,when I want to make an Astrophotography photo,the timer shows 2-3 minutes,but the app takes 8-9 photos and combines them(like HDR+),without taking lots of photos...
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    Post What's the best GCam out there for Mi A1?

    Or the overwhelmer mod on this apk is very good too.
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    Post CHARGING SLOWLY with all custom ROMS

    Hello! I think it's kernel problem.I had the same issue on LOS 16,but I flashed Lightning Kernel,and the things gone back to normal.Hope that I helped you!
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    Post R/W System

    Hello! When the phone was stock(no ROM flashed before),I had Magisk 20.1 and I had R/W access.Now,after I flashed a lot of custom ROMs,I decided to go back to stock.I flashed the latest stock ROM,and installed Magisk 20.3.After installing all my apps,I wanted to change some files in the system...
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    Thread R/W System

    Hello! I installed the stock ROM after having fun with a lot of custom ROMs.I have a problem.When I want to modify a system file,it shows an error.I researched on it and it seems to be that the system partition is mounted as read-only.I connected my phone to PC,I entered PowerShell,I wrote "adb...
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    Thread Magisk problems

    Hello! I have a problem with Magisk 20.3.When I want to install a module,it appears that it installed,but after I reboot,it isn't installed.Any ideas how I can solve this? Comment down below!
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    Thread Google Camera with telephoto lens support

    Hello! Today I will show you a simple way of adding telephoto lens support in Google Camera.All you need is a rooted phone and a Build.prop editor(there are some apps on Play Store). 1.Open the Build.prop editor 2.Give all permissions 3.Search for 4.If you...
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    Post Message of dm-verity on TWRP Recovery website

    If You want the latest stock ROM,this is:
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    Post Is there any fully stable Android 10 ROM?

    Hello! At this moment,no custom ROM is bug-free or to have the best battery life.Lineage OS 17 should be a very good Android 10 custom ROM,but it isn't officially released.Until then,you can wait or experiment with other ROMs.
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    Post ROM recommendation, please! Encryption support is mandatory!!!

    Hello! You can flash LOS 16,because it is the latest stable LOS version for Mi A1.You can choose to encrypt the phone,and it will take approximately 1hour. Treble is not such a big deal,is just about partitioning.You can read more about this and make a decision.