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    Thread display checker

    Hello guys. I got the S21 ultra but the problem is the screen never goes below 60 Hz, and as you guys see in the display checker screenshot its says that there's no support for 10 Hz as I also never saw it. my variant is the CSC with MID code and 2100 CPU, if you guys can post here the same...
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    Post Google play services

    This is the secure folder . Not dual messenger of any kind.
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    Thread Google play services

    Hello Is this normal to happen almost every night ? How to stop play services from doing this ?
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    Thread Sdcard performance

    Hello : for the sdcard performance, what is the maximum speed do you get with your note 20 ultra, as I just bought the Kingston canvas plus 128g and the speed should be like 170mb for reading and around 90 for write but this is the maximum I get. is it a limit by the phone itself or I did get a...
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    Post Screen on time

    The same happens to me. I guess you can't help it with the bad signal.
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    Thread After october update

    Hello fellas. got the N985f as you know it's loaded with the Exynos 990. Need to ask if anybody did benchmark his device after the (ATJ1) Update. Cuz I just did and the results aren't good. isn't the single-core score should be around 9xx?
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    Post Screen on time

    Got this today hello. I just got this today in my N20U Exynos LTE variant a mix of 4g and wifi with a mix of medium power save and balanced and every app not using is in sleep or deep sleep. usually in my workplace, the signal is very bad that after 9 hours I end up with 50 % with less than...
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    Post Screen on time

    same as you.. i dont know if its the bad signal reception or just an app.. will try something .
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    Post Whats up with the september patch being delayed for exynos models?

    i guess samsung is going to skip September for some regions as they doing a big one ui 2.5 update for all .. they still going to update some .. that what i learned from my long experince with samsung .
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    Post Does S20 have Battery Health feature?

    use this app Tap on usage history twice or thrice to appear .
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    Post S20+ features with *ATE6 firmware update

    i noticed less heat from the phone (s20+)
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    Post 96hz refresh rate

    I would like to add that the touch refresh rate that samsung says it works at 240 hz will only work at 120 hz screen refresh rate.. means at 60 or 96 u will get the old touch feel .. i dont know if theres a way to controll it manually
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    Post Usb tethering.

    I don't have it in my s20+ 4g Iraq csc
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    Thread Usb tethering.

    Hello guys As the title says. Did Samsung remove the USB internet tethering? I can't find any hotspot related options in the menu.
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    Post Battery life

    I hope.. i am afraid that the device has high power consumption design that with time should only get worse.