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  • Champ
    I can't get the Storm installed properly on my Vogue
    I end up with a black screen with a green and red blocks
    I'm having trouble changing the connection settings on my HTC Touch and i have no clue how to fix it... so if the password is always shown longer how can i get it to access that number and for me to be able to get internet on it? oh and one other thing i tried setting everything up and then doing a soft reset and the network goes back to the Alltel network and leaves the one i have created inactive...
    Ciao Champ,
    would it be possible to add phoneAlarm software to the "Skins Skins" thread?
    I'm made some skins for it, and there are quite a few good skins out there for phoneAlarm.
    check my post ... i want swf app photo view for thro like tempus weaver or clock i want photo viewer
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