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Recent content by TheChampJT

  1. TheChampJT

    Post [APP][5.0+][v3.5.4] BubbleUPnP - UPnP/DLNA/Chromecast Control Point and Renderer

    Can anybody give me a quick rundown on what needs to be setup for streaming to my Xbox? Am I supposed to be using the media center or am I missing a setting? Sent from my Xoom using xda premium
  2. TheChampJT

    Post help in buying new case for Xoom . Puzzled!

    +1 on the Otterbox its well worth the price and it's the best case I've ever used Sent from my Xoom using xda premium
  3. TheChampJT

    Post [Q] Skype + Bluetooth Headset

    Same problem here with skype, at first I could hear the ringing thru the headset but once the call connected I got nothing XOOOOOOOMIN!
  4. TheChampJT

    Post [Q] WiFi tethering won't start

    Not on t mobile got it thru virgin mobile and haven't seen anything in their pricing about an extra fee. When I check the option to enable it just hangs with the loading animation like its trying to start the service.
  5. TheChampJT

    Thread [Q] WiFi tethering won't start

    Just got this phone, doubt I'm missing a setting, but the WiFi hotspot won't start. any ideas why?
  6. TheChampJT

    Post [Q] Why is my xoom so slow???

    It may be slow because it's refurbished, but that depends on the other problems. As far as the market goes, it's crap since the latest update, it closes on me a lot, it also gave me a problem with downloading docs to go, it wouldn't load the permissions so I could download. Some pdfs are slow...
  7. TheChampJT

    Post The Off-topic Referral Thread - Free Cloud Storage Only!!!!!

    More space is better, hook it up! (not .edu) http://db.tt/3kHOhYJ
  8. TheChampJT

    Post [Q] Galaxy Tab 7 with Voice Support?

    You could just use Skype, much much cheaper Sent from my SGH-I987 using XDA Premium App
  9. TheChampJT

    Post a working version of skype.apk?

    What's wrong with the market build? Sent from my SGH-I987 using XDA Premium App
  10. TheChampJT

    Post [APP][Updated 9/13/11 V1.4] Official Netflix

    No go on rooted ATT galaxy tab with froyo. Can login but get the 1005 streaming error.
  11. TheChampJT

    Post [Q] GV and Skype to make calls

    Yeah it's not really bad, same as using it on a pc, I'm sure theres a way to change it, just havent cared enough to look. On my captivate I can call thru skype from contacts, but the tab needs the dialer support. Let me know if you are able to rec all your calls.
  12. TheChampJT

    Post [Q] GV and Skype to make calls

    Yes and no. Yes because it should work, it's what I've been (trying) to do. No because I think the latest app update messed the app up, I haven't rec all my calls. Pretty sure its an app problem, I've rec all calls on my PC and iphone thru skype, but I'm still checking my settings to see if...
  13. TheChampJT

    Post Galaxy Tab freezes with bluetooth accessories [SOLUTION]

    It could be any apps really. For me it was pandora, I'm using poweramp for my music and I know that has bt disabled. I would just check any media apps for bt settings. From the Captivate
  14. TheChampJT

    Post Toggling Automatically Between Input Methods with a Bluetooth keyboard

    I'm using "null keyboard" with mine, gives you a blank kb and has a widget to change input. No sense in having a kb take up half the screen if you're usin a bt kb. Sent from the Tab
  15. TheChampJT

    Thread Galaxy Tab freezes with bluetooth accessories [SOLUTION]

    Just wanted to throw this out here in case anybody else runs into this problem. I just purchased a bt keyboard, worked fine for a few days, then suddenly my tab started to freeze, even after rebooting. System panel would show full cpu usage, and it took minutes to simply scroll, but the time and...