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    Post New camera macro mode

    well now we know why macro mode exists. the oneplus 7t announced today has some camera setup made for macro shots.
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    Post Best launcher for S10+

    When you ask a question like this your only answer is going to be nova from this forum. It's like going into an apple store and asking what is do you guys prefer.
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    Post Cryptocurrency wallet specification needed

    It's that they're using enjin wallet but no the same enjin wallet used by everyone here. Go look at the South Korea video wallet demo video thingy if you wanna see. Enjin already confirmed their involvement with the s10.
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    Post [ROM] [OP6/6T] RENOVATE ICE 13.0 | OxygenOS 9.0.6 // 9.0.14 | Tweaks | Stables | SVN

    im sure this has been said but just for more conformation magisk currently doesnt pass safetynet, magisk hide breaks apps, and I like the color red
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    Post [G95XF/FD/N] RENOVATE ICE 15.0 - CRL3 | NIGHTLY - CRJ5 | Android 8.0

    magisk isnt updated. Wait for them to release an update since google changed their api.
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    Post [APP] Official ViPER4Android Audio Effects (FX v2.5.0.5) - New Features & 7.0 Support

    this is a problem ive been having with viper for over 2 years now. When connected to via bluetooth and listening to audio. Having settings that cause the bass to hit even slightly hard makes everything go damp and muffled and waters out all the sound. Because of this you cant even use like 90%...
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    Post [APP RELEASE][BETA 19](4/9/15) Flowhome Launcher

    this was easily my most favorite goto home screen cause imagine what it could have been if instagram facebook etc werent so anal about their api. Theres no competition with this launcher only one of its kind.
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    Thread Substratum app stuttering on any rom recently

    Got the g955F and was running RiCE 4.0 I believe when substratum was working perfectly fine until I tried to flash the 1.1 RiCE n950 port after that moment substratum would have insane stuttering to where I could get to enabling a theme but applying it would lag the applying process and take...
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    Post [DISCONTINUED][G95XF/FD/N] RENOVATE ICE N950 2.3 - AQI1 | Android 7.1.1

    G955f whenever try to use substratum the app itself stutters like hell and I can't apply any themes cause it takes forever because of the stuttering. Anyone else?
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    Post [DISCONTINUED][G95XF/FD/N] RENOVATE ICE N950 2.3 - AQI1 | Android 7.1.1

    yo can anyone upload to a drive or something cause it takes years to download from where ever its hosted right now. I live in texas so its pretty far away and ive tried for 5 days now to download the rom but since im not at one place for more than 6 hours im forced to cancel he download at...
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    Post [App] [4.1+] Nusoma Music Player? [Promo codes available]

    gives a slight ios feel. Wonderful to those love the foggy glass UI. Die hard material users will feel Meh. Over all well-designed app but i prefer the look of retro music player gives a little hint of both
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    Post [HELP THREAD][Noob Friendly]Samsung Galaxy S8+ Ask any question

    so basically im in the works of deciding between the s8+ and the pixel xl. 3 burning questions i have to ask 1. G955F is the one im buying does that work fine with tmobiles LTE towers? 2. I know it can be rooted so does anyone know if i could ge viper4android? and if possible ARISE sound system...
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    Post Netflix HD, UltraHD, UltraHD with Dolby 5.1 on L1 & L3 device

    not only did you just join but you magically found something this amazingly suspicious xD
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    Post which Nexus 6P ROMs include Viper4Android?

    are you sure to installed it correctly? you know its different for the nexus 6p right? you gotta delete the audio effect.conf file after you install the driver