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    Post [Q] Bricked for good?

    I just figured it out. I was using Closeone's Downgrade Toolkit Live CD, but it didn't work for me. I thought that was the direction I needed to go, but apparently not. I had to run an Ubuntu 12.04 Live CD and then run the tools listed here...
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    Thread [Q] Bricked for good?

    Okay, so, I was at work and I was trying to run an RUU to go back to stock, and I heard I had to relock. Well like an idiot, I start running commands without reading the whole thread first. I ran 'fastboot oem writesecureflag 3', and now my phone is bricked. So. I'm S-Off with the earliest...
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    Post ATTENTION KC or oaklahoma city this may affect your service greatly

    I live in northern WV. The towers in this area are owned by Ntelos. My phone shows 3g signal just like it would anywhere else. I get service just like I would anywhere else. These roaming contracts are nothing new, and you probably use other carrier's towers every day, but you don't even...
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    Post [ROM] ▲▲▲SupraROM▲▲▲ [Dual ROMs!][Sense/AOSP Merge |v1.5| 8/23/11]

    only thing holding me back from using this is that I can't get exchange to sync properly...
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    Post [Q] Newly released Evo3D in UK (CarphoneWarehouse)

    its the best, just get it.
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    Post [Q] 3D all the time?

    Sorry, you're right. It does work in landscape. Its the camera that doesn't. Yeah, we might have some sort of a launcher that pops up that is in 3d. But I highly doubt sense will ever be ported to 3d, nor will the "whole phone" be in 3d.
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    Post [Q] 3D all the time?

    #1. the parallax barrier doesn't work unless the phone is in landscape. #2. the 3d effect is achieved only by two separate images, from slightly different perspectives, being shown at the same time. The phone's interface does not have this, and will not ever have this at any point in your...
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    Post IGO MY WAY-960 x 540

    Why imagine?
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    Post Is there a problem with flash?

    I haven't noticed anything
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    Post Gmail calendar not syncing....grrr.

    I had issues with my gmail account syncing, then I realized that, somehow, I had not checked the box to sync gmail. Check and make sure it's not something in your settings
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    Post Charging Port Not Working Right, light going on an off, and a burning smell!

    That's one HOT phone you've got there...
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    Thread SD card speeds

    How is everyone's SD card speed? Since this is a class 4 card, and the 16gb samsung card that came with my Epic is a class 2, I figured the card in this phone would be faster... However using SD Tools, I'm getting ~8MB/s read, ~17MB/s write with the Samsung card... but only ~5MB/s read...
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    Post Bluetooth Death Grip

    Just reporting back in... A2DP on this phone paired with my car's headunit is the most rock solid A2DP connection i've ever had. My epic would occasionally skip, and it was noticible that the driver sped up and slowed down to compensate for connection variations... but with the 3vo, you...
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    Post wireless Tether without Root?

    Posting this message via bluetooth wireless tether on a 3vo as we speak.