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    Post [Guide] Convert to Global [WIP]

    It just won't work. I've done all of the above, and even had IMEI2 changed. Still could never get the second SIM slot to activate and would just show no signal.
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    Post [Guide] Convert to Global [WIP]

    Has anyone figured out getting Dual SIM working after TMO->Global conversion? Got a dual SIM tray for it. The second SIM card is seen, but refuses to connect to any network or even search.
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    Post [CLOSED][T-Mobile USA] Free SIM Unlocking Service - [OnePlus/Samsung/Google/LG/Moto]

    Mobbdeep is the real deal. Was able to unlock my devices when T-Mobile refused to under EIP. Thanks again!!
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    Thread OP8 IN2017 (TMO) to Global Dual SIM

    Has anyone been able to get dual SIM working on their T-Mobile OP8 after flashing to the Global ROM? I have a dual SIM tray and whenever I insert two SIMs, I get service on the first, and the second is recognized, but refuses to connect to any network. This applies to any second SIM inserted...
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    Post OP 8 TMO Warranty Return Sim Locked

    Contact T-Mobile Support/T-Force on Twitter or FB Messenger and they'll escalate it for you.
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    Post oneplus 8 verizon version

    The phone will be locked to Verizon unless it's used on a Verizon account for at least 60 days. There may be a paid service to unlock it, but Verizon's policies and management are hardasses about it now.
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    Post [Guide] Convert to Global [WIP]

    Is there any way to convert without unlocking the bootloader? Or is there any way to relock the bootloader after conversion? I know there used to be a patched version of MSM to complete this for the 6T/7.
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    Post Anyone using this on Verizon yet?

    Those are both the correct files. I thought it was oem_extra instead of oem_other. But your device should natively run Verizon without having to make any modifications. I've been using NewFlasher to flash my devices.
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    Post XZ2 Compact T-Mobile

    This device is not certified for use on at&t for VoLTE, nor will it ever be.
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    Post Anyone using this on Verizon yet?

    Use XperiFirm to download the proper firmware: XperiFirm Also, you will not receive OTA updates after flashing. You will need to manually flash the device from that point forward in regards to updates.
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    Post Volte?

    Your device needs to be certified for VoLTE use with your carrier and needs to have the proper OEM.sin file flashed to it if it does in fact support it. At this time in the USA, only Verizon is certified for use with VoLTE. T-Mobile support may be coming in a future update and AT&T will never...
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    Post Anyone using this on Verizon yet?

    As I stated earlier in this thread, you simply need to flash the OEM and OEM_Other.sin files from the US Single SIM model H8314 onto your Dual SIM H8324 device and Verizon will immediately connect without a problem. I'm currently running Verizon and T-Mobile side by side on mine. Verizon runs...
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    Post Anyone using this on Verizon yet?

    Yup! Having it working on my XZ2 Compact. Didn't originally want to connect, so I flashed the OEM+OEM_Other.sin files from the US version and now I have Verizon working without a hitch. VoLTE is enabled for Verizon by default since it can only connect over LTE to begin with, but no WiFi calling...
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    Post Unlocking all Samsung on Z3X Box for free

    I just sent a PM to you instrumentaly if you're able to assist with getting my Galaxy S8 G950F(FD) device unlocked. I reflashed some stock firmware on my unlocked phone and now its decided to relock itself and I can't get an unlock code that works for the life of me. The phone is essentially a...
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    Post T-Mobile USA VoLTE and WiFi calling

    So I decided to take the plunge on this with the XZ1 Compact at least. Not only do I have the fingerprint sensor working, but also WiFi Calling and VoLTE on T-Mobile US. I took the oem_X-FLASH-ALL-C93B.sin from the US Customized version, and overwrote the one included with the UK (Device is UK...