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    Post Question No able to set 90hz

    That would be awesome
  2. theoalex50


    To be honest, I tried both 120 and 90 for a week each. I had 2 hours extra sot with the 90 htz. So in my experience what you mentioned doesnt apply. I hope that im not an exception.
  3. theoalex50

    Post Question Rename Poco F3

    Me as well. Hoping someone can help.
  4. theoalex50

    Post Question (SOLVED) Charging and Battery Percentage Error

    I cant think of any other way to disconnect the battery without opening the phone.
  5. theoalex50

    Post Question Poco F3 worth getting for only custom ROMs?

    Why would you even go towards Nokia..? Oneplus i get it but Nokia...
  6. theoalex50

    Post Accessories QC3.0 Wireless charging reciever

    You mean you want to edit the hardware and somehow make it charge wirelessly?
  7. theoalex50

    Post Question Poco F3 + SwiftKey

    Still havent found the source of the problem or solution. Hopefully someone has encountered it, knows how and helps me 😞
  8. theoalex50

    Thread Question Poco F3 + SwiftKey

    Has anyone experienced the SwiftKey keyboard minimazing by itself (like you press the back button) once or twice every time you write? (Global 12.5)
  9. theoalex50

    Post Question Poco F3 charger. Decent?

    The phone comes as 33w quick charge 3+. My question was whether the 33w charger in the phone box charges with the quick charge 3+ protocol. I cant say it more simply than that.
  10. theoalex50

    Thread Question Poco F3 charger. Decent?

    Does anyone know if the charger poco f3 comes with supports quick charge 3+ that the phone also supports?
  11. theoalex50

    Post Question Messenger on Poco F3

    Has anyone scanned this on virustotal?
  12. theoalex50

    Post Question Messenger on Poco F3

    Flashing a custom rom to solve that is an option I have no time to bother to do so. It could create more trouble for me than just an app auto updating without me wanting to.
  13. theoalex50

    Post Question Messenger on Poco F3

    Yes of course, thats what I wrote up front. Thats why its so strange. Is there any other option to turn off that is causing messenger to auto update?