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    Post Working Gsi roms and flashing guide A50DD

    Did you get a camera app to work on it? Also does google play work fine for you? No issues?
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    Post [GUIDE][A/B][A505x] Guide on How to flash GSI

    Have you managed to fix the fingerprint? Only thing really holding me back atm. Saw Phil said this on github, to another person who's fingerprint ain't working aswell "maybe you can create a debug log (see app settings) and post it here on Github or send it privately to [email protected]
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    Post Guide to rollback huawei p10 from oreo to nougat

    how do i edit update-binary? Just odd things comes up with notepad++
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    Thread i think my phone is bricked

    So i had the kangvip software running, and reverted to stock, everything seemed fine, execpt it sees my sim card, but it don't ask for my pin code? So i got no data, no sms call. I tried reinstalling, serval times, and right now i'm about to give up, please help
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    Post [GUIDE] Manual Oreo update - v190219 - Pie upgrade now supported (Tut #4)

    how come after i done this, to unbrick it won't ask for my sim pin code anymore? I can't use the phone at all now :(
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    Post [Kangvip] EMUI 8.0 P10 and P10 plus

    How come it don't prompt me for the pin code for my sim card? it's strange
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    Thread Need help with rooting/recovery...

    Finally managed to unlock my bootloader, and flash twrp. Im on 8.0.0 both emui and android. But when i boot into twrp to flash magisk, i can't find the download folder, and all folders have so odd names like random numbers and letters. Please help
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    Post Android 8 for SM-G900F

    Is it possible you could send a link, in pm so i could test the build?
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    Post Android 8 for SM-G900F

    Anyone who is able to build it? He made a branch https://github.com/LineageOS/android_device_samsung_klte/tree/lineage-15.0
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    Post XZ roms working in XP

    How did you make it run again?
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    Post XZ roms working in XP

    Have you made it work again?