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Recent content by thequick

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    Post Black screen on Intellilikn in my new Opel Astra

    Same problem, first with Moto G 2nd Gen and now Nexus 5X. Strangely it work for weeks with Nexus and than start with black screen ever so often, now it is unusable, work 1 on 3 time I try. If I try connect once and it doesn't work, no matter what I do screen will be black. If I switch car off...
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    Post (24/10/16) Stock 6.0/Marshmallow for Europe (RETEU) Xt1072 (fast download)

    I thing maybe if you don't mind - is there a way to lock bootloader again, or just get rid of message "bootloader is unlocked"?
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    Post (24/10/16) Stock 6.0/Marshmallow for Europe (RETEU) Xt1072 (fast download)

    Just to say big thanks to you mate. My rooting went tits up, phone locked on bootloader is unlocked and would not budge. So I have my phone back ! HUGE Thanks !!!! By the way is there any difference between this rom and UK GB?
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    Post How to : Flash HTC One Mini with out S-OFF and no need RUU Stock ROM

    Could you please link the ROM download? Link in first post direct to TWRP, not to ROM file Thanks Nevermind now, found image else where, in this thread http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=2665746 used odex image. Used your method mate and it WORKED !!! Got the usb cable from my...
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    Thread Did I brick it?

    So, I had rooted HTC One mini with unlocked bootloader, decided to update it to kit kat. Last update (autoupatde) I just change recovery to stock and worked. So my phone prompted me there is an update, I have downloaded, changed recovery to stock and applied update. Now I have phone that would...
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    Post HTC One mini Android 4.3 Sense 5.5 root?

    Just to let you know, that root zip from above link did not work for me after update to 4.3, but works fine from here Click Anyway, thanks for link to the hole procedure gramateas !