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  1. thesebastian

    Post assembly problem: gap between screen and case

    Well. I disagree there. After many days using the phone naked and with different cases (whatever I found in stock in Amazon Europe), yesterday, I got a Spigen thin fit and now I can finally enjoy the phone with one hand 1) naked: quite slippery 2) Anccer ultra slim case: very slippery 3)...
  2. thesebastian

    Post Share your new GOOGLE pixel 5 homescreen

    My usual icons and folders. They are quick enough so I don't need to deal with the horizontal scrollable overview menu to switch to another apps. (Expect to switch between the las two apps. For that I use the gesture nav) Sent from my Pixel 5
  3. thesebastian

    Post Thin fit, minimalist case

    Today the Spigen Thin fit arrived. I couldn't test this earlier because it wasn't in stock till recently. 1) It's not as good as the Pixel 4 Spigen Thin Fit. Has some slippery TPU on the sides. But it doesn't compromise the grip. 2) It is more protective and thicker than usual. (It offers...
  4. thesebastian

    Post Pixel 5 vs Pixel 4 comparison and review

    Well if you want my personal subjective summary Vs my old Pixel 4. In case you want to cover these points: - Pros: battery efficiency (it's giving me 100% more battery life than my Pixel 4 with only 1280 more mAh) and fingerprint sensor (I prefer it over the face unlock) and the lower MSRP in...
  5. thesebastian

    Post Is your Pixel 5 able to access 4G Network?

    Im using DSDS and both Sims are getting LTE Sent from my Pixel 5
  6. thesebastian

    Post KDDI Variant?

    I'm also in RD1A.201105.003.B1. I got mine from Amazon UK and I'm using it in Spain Sent from my Pixel 5
  7. thesebastian

    Post Thin fit, minimalist case

    I'm still looking for a thin fit case that has small size and has GOOD grip with DRY hands. - "Anccer": I've only tried the case in GREEN colour --> I'm returning it because it's very slippery with dry hands. (Unlike older Spigen Thin Fit OR the Ringke Slim black cases). - "ORNARTO": I've...
  8. thesebastian

    Post Scrolling smoothness

    I used to force 90Hz in the smaller Pixel 4 (not the XL) because the refresh rate was forced to 60Hz between 1%-40% brightness when using Smooth Display. Now in the Pixel 5. Google changed this. Smooth display seems to be forcing 90Hz between 1%-40% brightness and using variable refresh rate...
  9. thesebastian

    Post UK Pre-Orders

    With invoice address you mean also the "Billing Address"? The one sometimes validated against the credit card holder name. Sent from my Pixel 5
  10. thesebastian

    Post Pixel 4 vs Pixel 5 light sensor (Adaptive Brightness)

    I believe this is just another contra of having the stuff under the display. However, maybe Google just needs to improve the drivers to make it work better in dark rooms. Personally my issue is that when I need 1% brightness, phone is still like at 20%-30% brightness and vice versa.
  11. thesebastian

    Thread Pixel 4 vs Pixel 5 light sensor (Adaptive Brightness)

    Hi I noticed that my Pixel 5, barely changes the brightness in low to medium light. (unlike my previous Pixel 4). It changes the brightness when the light changes are big. Like jumping from a dark room, to a bright room. But doesn't change the brightness when changes are small. Like, a dim...
  12. thesebastian

    Post UK Pre-Orders

    Yeah before the order, I read the terms and it was mentioning something like individual older than 18 that has a UK or Ireland address and is not a Google employee. (I also bought the Pixel 2 in Google Store UK because they decided to sell only the XL variant in Spanish Google Store 3 years...
  13. thesebastian

    Post UK Pre-Orders

    By any chance, have you shipped the pre ordered phone from Amazon UK directly to your country? In my case I shipped the Pixel 5 to Spain. And tried to ship the Bose headphones to UK when submitting the claim (some friend address). But google denied my claim because the phone wasn't shipped to...
  14. thesebastian

    Post Pixel 5 - less than stellar battery life?

    AOD is a stand by battery killer. For anyone that uses the phone on a desk facing up. Especially in bright areas where the AOD triggers the max brightness. However. This affects people who has more than 20-24 hours of standby time. People who do... 8:00 to 24:00 every day (so 16 hours standby)...
  15. thesebastian

    Post Air between Display

    This would be a off-topic from my side: I suppose you are assuming that because I said I couldn't be happier with the device. Look, I don't have that terrible gap I've seen in some photos. But that doesn't mean there is no gap at all. It is uniform and if you look really really hard you can...